You Might Be a Redneck Preacha If…

Thanks to Dale Best for posting this video.

Any thoughts???

">>"One is the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the nation state of Israel ..."

What happens to people who never ..."
"One is the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the nation state of Israel ..."

What happens to people who never ..."
">>"The Bible is true if what it says comes to pass."<<Such as?"

What happens to people who never ..."
"The Bible is true if what it says comes to pass."

What happens to people who never ..."

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  • Carmel

    Welcome to MY world, Kurt!!!  A lot of fire & style in that kind of preachin’…  But recently found a church more in line with my Cali upbringing — not that there’s anything wrong with this kind ; )

  • I am a petrol head, as is my team leader (ex rally driver) although increasingly felt guilty about the environmental impact. Now have low emissions diesel …

    But I also give thanks for my smoking hot wife! More please of this!

  • “In Jesus’ Name, boogety-boogety-boogie!  Amen!”

    I gotta say, I ain’t never heard a prayer like that one….    He’s definitely thankful in all things!


  • In all things give thanks…a pretty good example of “giving thanks” indeed. and yes even for “my smokin hot wife.” I had a good laugh at this while raising my eyebrows here and there and everywhere. 🙂

  • I’ve found this a hilarious parody on materialism. It’s hilarious, of course, because it’s true.

  • I… I… I have no words. I’m not sure what to say. It was funny. But should it have been? I don’t know.  It reminded me of Talledega Nights and when they say grace to baby Jesus… Funny, yet wrong… 🙂

  • Icorkytoo

    I have to say. I just loved it. Especially when Carl Edwards cracked up at the end. Funny. And hey! Why not. The guy is thankful for the thing he loved.

  • But, when does giving thanks end and bragging begin–particularly when causing others to covet your smoking hot wife? 

  • Charlie

    Mmm nope, stick in the mud time for me, I guess.  I was mildly concerned about some of the targets of thankfulness, but closing with the ‘oogity boogity’ on the end tacked on to ‘in Jesus’ name’ said to me this preacher’s mind seems more on his wallet than on his Lord.  I don’t need strict formality in religious expression, but I do need to hear, from a ‘preacha’,  more respect for the name of Jesus.

  • Kristie W.

    This just gives anti-Christians more fuel to mock and degrade Christianity.  If these are the examples of prayer that they see, I can’t say I blame them.  Didn’t Jesus have something to say about showy prayers done in public?  

  • Anonymous

    I have shared on my wall.  The question in my mind is this blasphemy?  It is surly cheap and tawdry

  • Jonathan


  • Where is the “This Prayer is sponsored by” warning?
    I could care less if he thanks God for his “smokin’ hot wife” I thank God for my wife all the time (though I have never used the term smokin’ hot). But the balntent materialism displayed by his invoking a blessing on the company’s products is out of line. One has to wonder if he got payed for the endorsements.

  • Ian

    I almost say that he might have been mocking God, but it’s could be he was just overcome by joy. The name of Jesus just makes him go boogity boogity boogity. But at the same time I doubt it.

  • Segale

    Dear Everyone,
    It was a spoof on Talladega nights, and a driver named Darrell Waltrip.
    It was very humorous, and for one of the ONLY sports that end a blessing with “in Jesus name”. Let it roll!

  • This week in church I’ll be thanking God for my smoking hot wife and ending the prayer with boogety boogety boogety. Actually, maybe every prayer from now on…

  • Holiness? Reverance? I don’t see it. This sounds like a typical Americanized version of prayer. Bah humbug!

  • life imitates art:  (see the “Talladega Nights” Prayer)

  • Anonymous

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