Share Something Sundays! – Tell Me About This Weekend’s Church Gathering


Every Sunday afternoon I am going to invite you the readers to share a quick thought from your church experiences this past weekend.


  • Something insightful that challenged you in your life with God.
  • Something hilarious that you heard or saw
  • Something visual that you just had to take a picture of (Disqus comments allow you to upload a picture)
  • Something that gave you a vision of the early church
  • Something that felt contrived or superficial (be careful not to gossip here)
  • Something that made you cry
  • Something unique that could benefit other churches and Christians
  • OR Something completely Random

The following Sunday, I will share my favorite “Shared Something” from the previous post and invite readers to repeat the pattern until it gets old and boring.

Here’s a couple thoughts from readers from a couple weeks ago:

Ron Friesen: One of our attendees,  a refugee from Africa, shared a harrowing experience with an out of control car and a phone call from a woman who said she saw the attendee’s mother. The family has not seen mother for over 10 years – so unsure if this is untrue or a miracle in the making. The church gathered and laid hands on her – praying for God’s protection and blessing.

Jessica M: My church experience was not so good this week. We are trying out a new church and my kids totally embarassed me during worship…calling attention to us and leading to some dirty looks being cast our way. This particular church doesn’t have a whole lot of children and some elderly parishoners. I was really hoping for a bit of grace from others but just wasn’t feeling it. I come alone because my husband works two jobs and I think people see me in a certain light. Anyways…I just felt some condemntation and head shaking was directed at kids are still learning (3 and 7)..mostly it was my son clapping when he wasn’t supposed to and just getting out of his seat a lot.

Anyways…for any that might be reading this please give some of  us parents with young children some grace. When we enter a critical environment, especially when  it’s new, it just makes me, anyways, want to avoid it. Last week I took my kids to the river and worshipped there, out in Creation, instead of dealing with all of this and I’m thinking that might be our plan next week. I’m starting to question the definition of what church is. If church can be found and experienced outside the traditional forum of Sunday morning, pews and old lady’s dirty looks! Sorry for venting Kurt..saw the title for this blog post and thought I’d share my experience.

Sharon L: Our service is growing!  We’re a contemporary service on a large (several thousand) traditional church campus.  We’ve grown so much that we don’t fit in our “room” anymore.  Today we announced that the entire church congregation is going to re-work the sunday multiple service schedule to allow us to move from our room into the “Big House”!!  We’re so excited to see God moving in the young adults in our area and within our congregation!  It’s an exciting time for us!!

So… share something!

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  • Rev3j

    Our faith community has breakfast with homeless people in the park on Dunday morning. This morning we heard a couple of our friends talk about how they had to stay up all night to guard one another. You see they are gay, and people have been gay bashing in the area. If you are both gay and homeless you really are low on the social ladder.

    I was filled with a great sadness that hatred hurts people I love. I was filled with an admiration for the way these marginalized people loved and cared for each other. And finally I was convicted to continue to find Christ in the eyes of downtrodden


  • Sue

    I met with a small group of people for the first time, and was blown away by something. That something, which was tangible, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time, was acceptance. Yes, acceptance and the complete lack of judgement.
    Now, it occurs to me that I’ve been in many church meetings where the element of acceptance was not noticeable. I’d known sub-consciously that something was a little fake, but just what that was eluded me. When I came to this conclusion, I was somewhat surprised. Isn’t acceptance the very element that should be present when God’s people meet together? Sadly, we encounter a lack of complete acceptance in a lot of meetings. It may appear to be there, but beneath the smiles and pats and hugs, there is a need for us to show we are ‘acceptable’ before we can truly be accepted.
    So when I encountered total acceptance and inclusion on this particular Sunday evening, my heart responded like a parched mouth receiving water. The content of the service wasn’t even important. God’s love and acceptance was there; and I wanted to be there too. And I want to go back there.
    Is this not exactly what Jesus is like…so attractive and loving that we want more of Him? Oh for God’s people to be accepting of others,  immediately, just as they are, no questions asked.

  • We’ve been preaching through many of the Psalms for several months now, and several of our musicians have been setting the Psalms to music. Today I had the privilege of preaching from Psalm 63 and hearing one of our guitarists sing his setting of that Psalm. It was very moving, especially for me since I have been immersed in that Psalm for a while now.

    I’m so thankful for music that (unlike much of what passes for “worship” music today) gives voice to the deep longings of our heart when we feel like we’re in a spiritual desert. And I’m especially thankful for a God whose steadfast love is better than life itself!

  • Diann

    I served Communion for the first time….It was beautiful, mysterious and wonderful!

  • I am an intern for the summer working with a 1500+ church in a rich suburb of Houston. Last Monday the interns got to meet with the senior pastor to hear about what he does. He talked about preparing sermons and such. I’ve spent most of my summer gritting my teeth and taking deep breaths because of the opulence and the suburb culture. But, at the meeting, he asked us for our opinions. We told him that we thought he should challenge the latent materialism and greed that just exudes among the congregation. Anyway, this Sunday he started a new sermon called “Generous.” Today, he called the church out on being greedy and asked everyone to think seriously about how they spend their money (and time). He pointed out that no one ever thinks that they are greedy (unlike committing adultery or something when you KNOW you’re sinning), and then he preached about living open-handed lives because of the grace of God. It was spot on and very convicting. I’m definitely going to encourage him tomorrow at work. 

    • I mean “sermon series.” Today’s sermon was the first in the new series. 

  • Lilydalekid

    Today’s program (after song and prayer) started off with a discussion on the topic of loyalty. Four examples were considered from the scriptures, highlighting differences between Esau and Jacob, Moses and Korah, Balaak and Phineas, and Saul and David. We learned the need to be loyal to God, that loyalty to God is more important that anything else.

    After another song, we spent time discussing the good news that Christ has entrusted to us. We reviewed the apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans and how Paul had to demonstrate all are born sinners, how God shows love that is demonstrated in the legal provision of Christ’s ransom sacrifice which provides forgiveness of sins and the hope of eternal life on a paradise earth free of wicked people, false religion, and violence.

    Losing with song and prayer, we were able to realize the truth of Psalm 133:1!

  • Ian

    This sunday me and some of the other youth and twenty somethings decided to start and new trend during our second service on sunday mornings.  Instead of standing nearly motionless with the occasional raised hands trapped in the rows of chairs, we’ve brought it up to the front (which frees me up to move a little like I usually do). Hoping it helps some of the adults (or whoever) feel like if they wanna just go crazy they can and they wont be the only ones. The pastor said something that really just clicked with this morning too. “When God is testing your faith it isn’t for His benefit, it’s for yours. He’s building it like a muscle.”

  • Linny

    I had a unique expierence this Sunday at church.  I am on vacation, visiting my parents in another state with my kids and they wanted us to attend their church, the church I grew up in until I got married and moved away.  The church has not changed in the few years I’ve been gone, except one thing that I noticed, it has gotten older, as in older in age.  They even had a barbershop trio sing a “special music”…Anyway, I was looking around and noticed the few young people who looked bored and a single young lady, very pretty, sitting all by herself in a huge room full of people, I wish I would have introduced myself. The teaching was pretty good, talking about the 7 churches in Revelation and the historical context surrounding the chosen language of each letter.  At one point, he spoke about the sexual sins of a particular city and began condemning sexual sins and speaking hate into them, as if God doesn’t love when you are caught in those sins.  Then he moved on to the next church, next topic.  He offered no hope, no forgiveness, no grace to those who might be caught up in those sins.  I know the pastor personally, I grew up with him and his family and I know he is a loving and kind man, but his teaching showed no hope and grace and love, things that God resinates.  It made me very sad.  And to think that I was just like that in the past, before I fully understood, in the capacity that I can, where I am now, God’s grace and love and hope and forgiveness, which I can still learn about every day.  My heart broke for someone in that room listening, who is struggeling with a sexual sin and felt condemnation and hopeless and unloved because of the words from the stage during that church service.

    …side note, I completely understand where Jessica is coming from; my son (2) was not himself at church this Sunday morning…typically he loves going to church and can’t wait to attend his class and make new friends…since we were visiting my parents’ church, he met so many strangers and had multiple toddler freak outs in the middle of the lobby, people laughed and wern’t very understanding. And most of these people knew me for years and were just meeting my kids.