10 Things I Hate About Blogging – A Love / Hate Relationship

My favorite movie of all time is the teen flick, “10 Things I Hate About You” featuring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger.  I mean, the acting is incredible and O… the love story… makes my heart melt every time.  Who can resist a love / hate relationship kind of plot?

Well, Ok… this isn’t even close to my favorite film!  I like it but it probably wouldn’t make my top 50 list.  It does, however, make for a wonderful segue into the topic at hand: blogging.  A love / hate relationship continues to develop through writing and managing this blog.

Many things fit in the love category.  I love writing when the ideas flow.  I love interacting with people who reflect on similar topics.  I love encouraging people to pursue the revolutionary Jesus.  I love dreaming about the kingdom of God.  I love challenging the status quo.  I love the way that blogging continues to function as a ministry to real people.  I love blogging.

But now, 10 things I hate about blogging:

10) I hate when a commenter gets a bad case of “web rage” and pray that the name of that commenter is never Kurt Willems.

9) I hate when I have writers block and nothing I try works to jolt creativity or imagination.

8 ) I hate when people comment negatively without actually reading the article.

7) I hate when I am writing an article, and then in a deep moment of thought, the puppies interrupt my focus by barking at a noise… but, its worth it because I love the pups!

6) I hate when someone who disagrees with my particular view in an article responds: “Well, obviously your motives weren’t pure and this was really all about you.”

5) I hate when I suck at proof-reading and glaring typos come to light after I’ve posted something.

4) I hate sound-bite based arguments that caricature another person’s perspective.

3) I hate when an article I care about flops.

2) I hate how blogging can drain hours of my time when I have other priorities.

1) I (used to) hate hiding my blog from people I know in the flesh for fear of judgment and rejection.

What do you hate about blogging? (and yes, you can talk about what you love as well :-))

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  • I hate that commenters really only see a snapshot of my opinion, and often aren’t interested in the dialogue it’s meant to promote/provoke.

    I hate that feeling of clicking ‘post’ and knowing there’s a sh*t-storm coming.

    • Laurie Mathers

      Yeah, the feeling when clicking post is similar to the feeling of dropping your IRS forms in the mail.

  • I dislike that I have a blog, but am not sure I consider myself a blogger as I have only written 13 posts in about 2 years I think.  I’m hoping to change that…

    I dislike the amount of time/energy it takes to formulate my thoughts and write them ‘well’ only to realize after posting or even commenting on someone else’s, that it still read like a first draft.  

    I dislike that I haven’t caused a sh*t-storm yet.  

    • It’s really easy. Just suggest that maybe Jesus wasn’t a Republican and doesn’t hate homosexuals, and you’re bound to start a ‘storm’.

      • Feels a little trendy…  

        Seriously, just read you’re stuff and it looks like you’ve got that taken care of and doing a good job of it, if I may say.

        • Thanks! All of my main writings are linked on the left nav bar of my blog, if you wanna dig through them ever. (Aka if you’re EXTREMELY bored.)

  • Ian

    Number 6! ahaha good list man.

  • Shelly

    #5 – that is what Lauren is for!!!! 🙂 And I think #8 would probably be my biggest pet peeve.  

    • @d40e1d187e220ec7e6c0f07f620d4c9c:disqus … I will let her know! ahhaha

  • I dislike that the posts I put the most work into are the ones that receive the lowest response, and a quote that took me 5 seconds to type up gets a huge response. But you never know what will resonate with people…

  • Oh man… numbers 1-5 all the way. Especially #3 and #1. I just went to Bolivia with World Vision, and learned poverty doesn’t sell. Even when I tried to package it with sex. :-/

    Not that I was trying to sell poverty, of course, but I wanted people to read and I wanted people to take action. I think they read but not many took action and I can’t help but feel disappointed and let down and at fault. So maybe I’d add a #11 – guilt when you try to motivate people to act and they don’t.

  • Anonymous

    Along the same lines as somebody else, I hate that my post on Michelle Bachmann got more hits than my post on Thomas Merton.

  • I feel for most of these (i don’t have puppies, though…) I especially hate number 3. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour or two writing something up that you are deeply passionate about and having it flop. The flip side of this is when you write something you don’t think is particularly important or enlightening and people respond in droves. What’s with that?!?

    • @twitter-34113515:disqus … story of my life!

  • Ann

    This is very educational (also the comments) for someone like me who’s a blog-reader rather than a blog-writer. Thanks everyone!

  • I could definitely identify with many the things you hate that you listed! Writer’s block, stinks. I oftentimes wonder after each article I write if it will be the last one. This is because so many times “half posts” seem to be running through my head. Articles that would be good if only I could find enough substantial material and thoughts to finish them! It’s only during “Ah ha!” moments that any of my real articles get written. Oh..and the taking time over other priorities..that’s a biggie too! I don’t have puppies but it never helps while writing a blog to have my kids squabble or come downstairs with paint on their hands, declaring they did an art project in their bedroom rather than at the kitchen table! Definitely a distraction 🙂

    Despite all of that, for me anyways, blogging is a passion and an unavoidable one. It’s my place to get out the thoughts and ideas that course through my head and I just can’t help but discuss and share with others. I love my readers…I’m blessed to not get many negative comments…yet! (You get a lot more readers than me so that’s probably why you get those…I can’t imagine someone being so rude…I love your blog! 🙂

    A great post!

  • Chris Wooden

    I hate when people ‘like’ a post instead of actually commenting to tell you why…it’s like saying ‘I just read this because I know you but I’m not smart enough to have an actual opinion of this.’

    • Sassypants

      I liked your comment but I’m not smart enough to explain why.  😉

  • First, I’m just really relieved your favorite movie of all time is not 10 Things I  Hate About You.  This is good news. 

    I can relate to many on your list.  I hate writer’s remorse.  I am constantly second guessing myself after I push post.  

    Although I’ve gotten better at this over the past few months, I hate when I still have a tendency to compare myself to other bloggers/writers…I am constantly reminding myself of  a quote I read on Michael Hyatt’s blog.  “Don’t compare your beginning to someone elses middle.” 

  • Well, obviously your motives weren’t pure and this was really all about you. 

    • I couldn’t help myself.  I actually agree with many of your points, but #1 the most.

  • Laurie Mathers

    Number 8 is pretty bad.  The other thing I really detest is when people don’t read carefully and/or accuse me of saying things I never actually said, and just add their own baggage or knee-jerks into the mix.  I choose my words carefully specifically to avoid misunderstandings, but when people don’t read carefully it doesn’t matter how carefully I write.

    I also really hate when people try to start up debates in the comment section and/or try to back me into some controversial discussion.

    My #1 would be when people insult or try to pick fights with my other guests in my comments.  I feel very protective of my commentors, as if they were guests in my own home. I want everyone treated with real respect.

  • Hi Kurt

    …when  I’ve spent ages on a post and my computer crashes

    when I post something up without thinking it through or with low blood sugar, only to spent the evening mentally rewriting

    when I read someone else whose post expresses brilliantly in two sentences what I’ve been trying to say for the last three years

    not having the energy or time to say what I want more fully

    not having the guts or talent to always say what I mean

    • Drew Downs

      You are so right! Especially about someone else’s succinct communication. That drives me nuts!