A New Book That Looks Promising: The King Jesus Gospel, by Scot McKnight (video)

Hi friends.  I just received this link from a friend over at Zondervan and wanted to share it with you.  I have a feeling that this book is going to be important to the conversation about Jesus in the next several months and years.  It’s called: The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited and is written by Scot McKnight.  If all goes to plan, I will be able to read and review this book shortly.  For now, check out the video where Scot explains the underlying missional issue of the book.


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  • It’s funny to me to now see Rob Bell’s influence on marketing. 

    • @jonathanbrink:disqus … I agree! haha.  Even so, the book will be good.  Its got forwards from both Wright and Willard!

  • Yeah, I’m sure the book will be good. But, why are we must get back to the original Gospel and we are losing young people from our churches necessarily related? Couldn’t a false or truncated message, untrue to the sources, still hold young people in an ecclesiastical institution? He’s not telling me how or why the King Gospel relates to the problem.

  • Matteo

    I look forward to it too. Sometimes it seems to me that Christians are more interested in Paul than in Jesus. When I read the New Testament there is a spectrum of enthusiasm. With Jesus there is a fire that explodes on the page. Then there is an enthusiastic portrayal of the first few years if the Early Church. Then for me it fizzles out as Paul spends all his time explaining Jesus through his personal experience with Him. All that is left is a return to legalism which Paul claims to deny instead if a celebration of the New Creation that Hebrews touches on and ends with fear in Revelation. I don’t blame Paul and John (who i dont think is John the Apostle) so much as lament in their failing to maintain the same innocence as say Luke conveys. Both have essential things to say but I sadly have to ask, Would Jesus be as happy with all the “doctrine” that we’ve drawn from Him? Was that really what it’s all about? Or is it really something simpler and immediate?

    • With respect, Matteo, consider the possibility that much of what you’re laying at Paul’s feet is actually not Paul’s fault at all, but rather of those who claim to interpret him.  I was surprised to discover, when I read through all the Pauline epistles back-to-back in the space of a couple days, that at the 30,000-foot view Paul’s message is actually a fairly simple one…and most of the stuff that people parse to develop these complex systematic theologies, appeared to me to be nothing more than Paul’s fight against the Judaizers who were trying to reel Christians into the fold of Jewish ritual practice.  Very little of Paul’s stuff is nearly as Pharisaical when seen in context, as it is when it’s hyper-analyzed by theologians.

  • Seth Diehl

    I agree Craig, to me the video advertisement doesn’t say anything  concrete, just enough to fit the new “Rob Bell” cultural wave and get as many people on board with a purchase. IF this book indeed is about taking back what Jesus preached and returning the Gospel to it’s original understanding, then why is there nothing said about healing the sick. Jesus spoke to storms, trees, sickness, ect. then he left that authority and power to dwell and live in us.

    “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do,
    he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go
    to the Father.” John 14:12

    I am 27 and “the church” lost me because it did not teach me THIS goodness, this power, this son-ship!    I’m not quite sure what McKnight’s book is about, but if it’s not about THIS Gospel, then it’s just a another book to me.  I’m mainly criticizing the video, but I’m not quite sure about a take-back-the-gospel-book that advertises itself without proclaiming the life giving authority believers have access to.

  • Interesting…riffing on the other comments I would say that Scot doesn’t use a teleprompter well…I bet he speaks better in person but he comes across as wooden in the video.

    But that’s the fluff.  What he actually *says* I resonate with very deeply.   I look forward to the book and to your review of it, Kurt!

  • Ian

    I’s on my book list. I’m a little disappointed though that he doesn’t go into any of what he thinks is the solutions to these problems that he mentions. When he says that he thinks that the reason for people dropping out of the church is because we preach “the wrong gospel” I agree with what him, but I think that a more accurate term would be “a severely watered down gospel” and it really is a serious issue. Many churches today are very focused on making an environment that is so focused on having right doctrine that it compromises on many of the other things that a church is supposed to be. Questions are discouraged and prayers better be theologically correct. Anyway I’m looking forward to what his thoughts are.