Dallas Willard on Holiness Moving into the Public Realm (Quote to Ponder)

I loved the following quote from Dallas Willard.  The transformation we undergo through the character shaping realities of connecting with God will naturally lead to a public life of service and mission.  What are your thoughts on the following “quote to ponder?”

Holiness and devotion must now come forth from the closet and the chapel to possess the street and the factory, the schoolroom and boardroom, the scientific laboratory and the governmental office.  Instead of a select few making religion their life, with the power and inspiration realized through the spiritual disciplines, all of us can make our daily lives and vocations be “the house of God and the gate of heaven.”  It can – and must – happen.  And it will happen.  the living Christ will make it happen through us as we dwell with him in life appropriately disciplined in the spiritual Kingdom of God.  (Dallas Willard, The Spirit of the Disciplines, xii)

Any Thoughts?

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  • Ernie Marton

    Love it. He said once to a church planter, ” the last thing this city needs is another building with a steeple. What this city needs is someone to build up the people of God to be the people of God. There’s your church. (loose paraphrase ) that has always stuck with me.

  • http://superrustyfly.wordpress.com/ Russell Purvis

    Coming from the Wesleyan Church Tradition, this rocks my socks off.