David Crowder and Rob Bell have a Jam Session

Enjoy this!

PS – For more info about the event from which this video was taken, go to this post at Mike Morrell’s blog.

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  • Where did this video come from. It is hilarious!

  • what does Bell say at the 21 second mark? i can’t make it out.

    • “No one takes the Bible literally.  If they did, every Baptist man would be blind.”

      • thanks Dan! now i can laugh along with everyone else!  🙂

      • Digitalhighfive

        what does that mean?  i must have missed the joke…

        • Matt. 5:29…”If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into hell.”

          Obviously, if taken literally, once we’d taken care of the right eye, the left eye would continue the job…

          • Digitalhighfive

            ahh, i see!  that IS quite funny!  i’m perplexed (and irritated, too) when people pick and choose which passages from the Bible they take literally and which ones they claim to be symbolic or allegoric depending on how it fits into their preconceived doctrinal belief systems.

            btw, do you know the reason he chose ‘Baptist’, as opposed to any other particular denomination?  are Baptists generally thought to be the most literal interpreters of the Bible?  or does Rob Bell feel that the majority of the attacks on his doctrinal and theological views come from Baptists? or do you think he just drew Baptists from the hat, so-to-speak?

          • I would guess it’s because Baptists are often pretty big on the “verbal and plenary inspiration” doctrine of the Bible, which claims that every word is in the Bible exactly as God intended it to be, and is explicitly God’s word (“verbal” = the words are inspired, “plenary” = all of them).  Baptists are by no means unique among conservative Evangelicals in this vein, but they’re famously so which makes them an easy target.

            If you’d like a different take on Biblical inspiration, you might enjoy this summary of mine.

  • I wish I could have seen this whole thing!!!!!  It looks great, but we only got a little teaser.

  • Cdonaldson

    Sorry but the poor quality of the acoustics made it impossible to follow any of this.

    • Justin B.

      I felt the same way.