The Story of Bottled Water (This was really interesting!) [video]

Would love your thoughts. This blew my mind!

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  • Barb

    Annie Leonard is an incredible woman.  We have not had bottled water for years because there are plenty of books on the subject – but then most people are too busy to read.  I saw a documentary on China and the fields and fields of discarded plastic bottles etc. Also, companies are buying rights to take water from “springs”, which actually just needs to be a well dug within a certain distance from the spring. In addition this is also drying up sources of irrigation for farmers and water to for animals.  I’m surprised that so many people do not know this!  Thanks for posting and I will repost it!

  • Simon

    Yes, Annie Leonard’s stuff (you see what I did there) is really fantastic on the level of both form and content. Recently I wanted to start toi explain the Gospel to someone and I felt that the most appropriate starting point was her “Story of Stuff” film. It lead into so many questions and answers that the “Story of Jesus and the Spirit” fit neatly into, so much more than a crude analogy such as the “four spiritual laws” or “the bridge”. I wonder if God gets so tired of us that he raises up and anoints prophets in the strangest places…

  • Katie Sturm

    Annie Leonard’s ‘Story of Stuff’ revolutionized the way that I approached buying anything. It also led me to start looking to repairmen as both small industry and reducing waste. Powerful stuff.

  • Mennojones

    I like her stuff. I must say we live in a home with a shallow well and the water is literally undrinkable. We are saving up for a new well (10-15k) so until then we think we have no choice but to drink bottled water. Thanks for the video. It motivates us even more to be set free from the bottled stuff. 

  • Robin Vestal

    I’ve seen it and it has good points.  It doesn’t address issues like in DC where I work where the water company has lied repeatedly about lead levels in the drinking water.  Never really comfortable drinking the water in DC…I think the water where I live is okay.  If I lived in DC I think I’d be buying the large things of water to avoid high lead levels.

  • Avautuva

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