The Future of Student Loans… News You Can Use

"I fail to see the connection to the alleged "prophecy."Can you be specific that Israel ..."

What happens to people who never ..."
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What happens to people who never ..."
">>"Sure it is. "<<Please cite the bible verse that specifies Israel."

What happens to people who never ..."
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What happens to people who never ..."

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  • Be weary of what the empire comes proclaiming. I’m not trying to downplay how serious this issue is, but we must ask, is this sustainable? Will it make things better for our grandkids? Our country has drilled itself into this problem, we need to take different steps out of it. 

  • That was a campaign message, right?  🙂

    Seriously, making debt easier to obtain and having people think less about the consequences when they graduate makes me weary.  As the federal government hands out more money for things, those things often rise in price faster than other economic goods and service (healthcare and education being the biggest two)

    One source suggested $173 billion in new loans and grants would be the debt load we’re ordering up for young people.

    I’m fearing they’ll be ready to Occupy Wall Street in a few years when they’re saddled with “easy” debt that later hurts them.  And if they fail to pay it back, the taxpayers get the bill.

    Ugh, I’m weary of the outcome.