Provocative Question of the Day: If Jesus came back today the first thing he’d fix is…

So, I want to throw out a question and ask for your response.  It assumes some things that are theoretical and so I admit that on the front end.

When Christ comes back, he will set this world to rights… God will become earth’s final king and will be “all in all.”  This will probably be something that happens quite quickly, but let’s pretend that when Jesus returns that it will be a process.  In other words, that he will address issues that prevent his becoming “all in all” one at a time.

So here is the question: If Jesus Came Back Today, What Would Be the First Issue in our World that He’d Address???  What would be the first thing he’d fix?

Try and make your answer as tangible as possible (in other words, to simply say “sin” or “poverty” might be too broad).

So, have fun… and try not to argue too much about this.  Remember, its all theoretical 🙂

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  • I imagine he would stop those of us who name his name from ever shedding another drop of human blood.

  • David Todd

    Unity amongst his followers. It was just about the last thing he prayed about and it’s one of the main reasons why we can’t get our act together and establish kingdom values in our society today.

  • he would move to immediately distribute the wealth of the world so that everyone had what they needed, he would in-act his government (to big picture?)

  • i think that he might find the people who have been most hurt by the church telling them they aren’t good enough for God, give them a hug and a beer, and tell them they are beautiful and loved and that he wanted to patch up their hurts and introduce them to a God who didn’t want to light “bad people” on fire.  

    so…  broken people hurt by the church would be the first issue?

  • Me, I hope.
    The rest of the Church, too.
    That is, I think when those who are called by His name encountered Him, they would repent, and worship.  Going forward the church would look drastically different.  Instead of trying to change the world through politics, they would take on the behaviors which do change the world.  We would begin loving one another, and then loving our neighbors and enemies.  The transformative effect on those around us would be profound.  Forgiving those who have wronged us will change us and them.  Caring for the least of these, stepping in to receive the abuse meant for others, offering to care for mothers and babies through pregnancy and beyond, opening our homes to migrants and outcasts, sharing our meals and belongings, listening to and hearing one another.
    But He has chosen to use us, broken and imperfect vessels, to do these things.  He is anti-top down which is why He lived from the bottom up.  He uses voluntary means, and not the state.  He demonstrates His sovereignty yesterday, today and forever, even to the point that He does not relieve every burden and heal every wound.

  • Conniemilleratlanta

    I believe Christ would search for Himself in media and question why His presence is absence from the place that many people put most of their faith in discovery for what is really going on in the world today. I believe He would be heart broken to see how many of His followers worship this little box of moving pictures. 
    Though He is all knowing, I just wonder if He would reach out and touch the TV screen? What IF He decided fix all the problems of the world in one touch and produce in on the moving screen? WOW! 

  • I am against totalitarian regimes, even if i agree with them.  For instance if Jesus came back (whether on a white cloud, or through the birth canal of another unassuming teenage girl) and dictated laws, there will inevitably be a subset that will rebel.  And what shall we do with these rebels, give them a place at the table or quietly get rid of them?  That being said, he’d enact the year of jubilee, in doing so the wealthiest in this world would hire mercenaries to assassinate him, and then we’d have to wait another 2000 years for him to come a third time 🙂

  • Andrew Finden

    As Jurisnaturalust said: me. If we pretend that it’s someone else who needs renewing first, we’re just like the pharisees.

  • JenG

    Wow. This is probably the best question to ask someone if you want to know what they really believe about Jesus. Great idea!