Best New “Worship” Band of 2011: The City Harmonic

I’ve been really impressed with The City Harmonic (Facebook) on multiple levels.  First, the musical quality is off the charts.  They bring a great brit-rock sound that is welcomed.  Second, they are a band that has a view of the gospel that is bigger than the hyper individualized Jesus of contemporary evangelicalism… incorporating thoughts from folks like Martin Luther King Jr. (see the song “Spark” and “Mountaintop”).  So… I leave you with a couple of youtube videos of some of my favorite songs.  Check them out and let me know what you think!

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  • Phil

    Coldplay comes to mind for some reason 😉

    • @d3944ff4e8bc05067a615579b6ef599b:disqus …
      Yep… brit-rock style

  • Thanks for sharing. Here was my favorite lyric:

    When we breathe in/breath in grace/breath in God
    We’ll breathe out peace/breathe out justice/ and breath out love.

    Seems like encounters with God ought to do that to us and I am grateful every time someone reminds me.

    • @JBen425:disqus … some of my favorite lyrics as well… so profound and yet so simple

  • Anonymous

    This particular band seems OK to me although I patently have different taste in music than you do, Kurt, which is, of course, just fine.  

    I found it interesting that you put Worship in quotes. I appreciated that, actually. I am curious as to why certain Christian bands are called Worship bands and others are just called Christian bands. 

    • @RHoltslander:disqus … I’d say that “worship” band here means that they are producing
      music to be sung in the church (like David Crowder or Jesus Culture). 
      Christian bands… well, sing about God but not with the intention of
      creating music for a Church worship experience. 

      Anyway, thanks for your thoughts!

      and yes… the quotation marks were intentional 🙂

  • You know, I just *really* want someone to write some worship music that doesn’t have masculine language for God.