Jesus: Man of the Streets (How would Jesus spend his time?) [Michael Frost]

Another great video from our friends at The Work of the People! Check them out.  This is a great resource for Youth Ministry or church gatherings.  If you are in ministry I highly recommend subscribing to their video club or purchasing the Hi Res videos…

Michael Frost, author, speaker, and founding director of the Centre for Evangelism & Global Mission at Morling Theological College in Sydney, Australia wonders if Jesus would spend his time doing the things we spend most of our time doing.

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  • Good stuff..

  • Mike Ward

    He questions preachers having TV shows because he can’t imagine Jesus having one, but I guess he can imagine Jesus posting streaming video on the internet. Or maybe I’m confused. Maybe it’s only wrong to preach on TV if you are dynamic and walk back in fourth when you speak. Jesus of course would only preach sitting down in slickly editted videos with shaky cam and fake distortion.

    BTW, “I can’t imagine Jesus doing it” is the same argument I always used to hear against dancing.

  • Anonymous