John Hagee with Benny Hinn: Praying For War in the Name of Jesus

Thanks to my good friend Conrad Schweizerhof for sharing this video with me. Serious… this is the problem with Christian Zionism, which is fueled by an extreme version of Dispensational Theology. Here are three posts in which I demonstrate this is an un-biblical approach to Israel (outside of my known stance of Nonviolence). — 1) Does God Have Two People’s In His Story? 2) God’s Chosen People and God’s Chosen Politics 3) Even a Jewish Rabbi Thinks That Christian Zionism is Bad For Israel (Glen Beck’s Rally – Restoring Courage)

Also, although I affirm the content of this video (not the prayers but the critique) I’m not willing to say that I support the particular agenda of the organization who produced this video. Just want to be clear that my posting this video is not an endorsement of any organization. Now that we are clear on that, here is the video:

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  • Sickening. And, and affront to Christianity.

    • Mike Ward

      Imprecatory Psalms?

  • Mike Ward

    I can’t get worked over anything here, but I think that’s just because I expect so much worse from Hinn.

    But without him this video would not exist:

    So this at least is something to be thankful for!

  • I was a pacifist til I did a paper on Just War. I’m now a JW adherent. That said, I agree with Yoder that if we truly follow JW theory, we will say “no” to war an overwhelming amount of the time. When you’re done with seminary and want to read for fun, I have a paper on JW and Iraq. 🙂

    As for the video — wow. Unbelievable.

    • I agree. Once I took a course on JW, I feel that a nation should follow those guidelines, something the US has not truly done since WW2. As for myself, I remain pacifist, but I do not think a nation, especially one that is not directly Christian, can be pacifist fully.

    • I used to embrace just war theory, but I find myself leaning more and more toward pacifism these days. Still, point well taken. It seems to me that the neocons who have advocated for interventionist military adventures like Iraq either ignore or selectively apply the principles of JW. 

      • Mike Ward

        How many of these “neocons” supporting the invasion of Iraq (not to mention all the Democrats who also voted to authorize the attack) actually claim to follow the principles of JW?

        Most of them probably aren’t selectively applying the JW principles, but rather, applying there own interpretaion which may have similarities to JW but is still distinct.

        Actually, most of them probablly didn’t even think about it all that hard.

    • No war is just. Fighting evil with evil (no matter the reason) is never the solution in the kingdom of God. Augustine was one of the first church fathers (post-Constantine) who embraced and arguably founded this doctrine. However, prior to Constantine almost all of the early church were pacifists abandoning all forms of war and violence. But, when the church became married to the state (circa 400 AD) suddenly the church took on reasons and justification for war and violence that have carried through to this day. Now, sadly it’s a huge idol within the American church.

      See “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Gregory Boyd, “The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down” by David Bercot, and “Christian Pacifism: Fruit of the Narrow Way” by Michael Snow for more on this subject.

      • KingsofZion

        yeah. Constantine caved with everyone else. The Catholics hijacked the apostles and the writings and set up shop as Rome’s bitch. They sit in Moses seat (sorta, more like Jesus’ seat) so I suppose there should be some respect shown.  My Mom-in-Law is Catholic and she’s way cool.

  • J. Smith

    Did your good friend Conrad look into the truth of this video before sharing it with others?   That clip of Benny Hinn and John Hagee praying was made more than 9 years ago, and they were praying for our troops and the British troops being sent overseas.  I contacted the editor of the video, Tom Compton, who told me he didn’t know when that show aired, but it appeared to be made before the Iraq war began in 2003.  See
    Also, Hagee’s quote from the Bill Moyers Journal show was from 2007, and he said, “we support Senator Joseph Lieberman that it’s time for our country to consider a military preemptive strike against Iran if they will not yield to diplomacy.”  See
    I don’t agree with the idea of preemptive strikes against dangerous nations who are working on nuclear capability and who hate us, and Israel, but I suppose others do.  I’m more afraid of careless and vindictive journalism and all the people who believe everything they see in print.

    • Um, I think you missed the point. Doesn’t really matter if they were praying nine years ago or yesterday. The moral of the story? Christians shouldn’t be praying for war.

      • J. Smith

        Yes, I think it matters when they were praying, because the maker of that film presented his findings as current and in response to what is happening in the world right now, which it is not.  Compton has manipulated the whole matter to suit his own agenda… which merits looking into.  Did you watch the whole interview and prayer?  Were they really praying “God, give us war so we can wipe our enemies off the face of the earth,” or were they praying for the safety of our troops and for the resolution of a conflict that they felt was of a moral nature and for which our  government was already responding with a course of action? 

        • Here is John Hagee’s prayer word-for word. It smacks of Christian Zionism, American exceptionalism, patriotism, war, and violence. Hagee is more-or-less calling down a crusade upon the peoples of the Middle East, who he believes are “enemies of righteousness” and belonging to the “power and principality of darkness”.

          “I pray for our President tonight. I pray that you will give him the wisdom of Solomon. To lead this nation into war against the enemies of righteousness. I pray for the good men and women in Washington DC, that they will stand in righteous boldness for this righteous cause. I pray in the name of Jesus that every power and principality of darkness will be brought to confusion when this war begins. I pray God, that the enemy shall be destroyed and that the angels of heaven shall go before the US and British forces, bringing deliverance to that part of the world, and most assuredly, deliverance to Israel.” (John Hagee)

          I don’t see one word in this prayer calling for the protection of our troops or seeking resolution of any kind as you have falsely implied. This video speaks for itself. And, sadly, this kind of stuff is still happening even today. I hope Mr. Hagee, Mr. Hinn, and American Christians will repent of this idol and destroy it. Otherwise, may God have mercy upon us.

          • J. Smith

            Then you’re seeing what you want to see, because I’m seeing a prayer for protection and God’s help in what they see as a moral conflict.  Hagee has an unfortunate way with words, but I’ve seen nothing here to run in circles, scream, and shout about.  To each his own.  If you’re comfortable accusing and attacking a preacher you don’t know based on this clip, who am I to stop you?  Be my guest…

          • KingsofZion

            I always liked Hagee’s sense of humor. He does at least seem to get his jokes spot on especially the ones on marriage. A hoot.

          • J. Smith

            Oh, he’s definitely funny.  I’d have problems when sitting in service on Sunday mornings trying not to laugh out loud at some of the things he would say.  When I say he has an unfortunate way with words, I mean he tends to speak in the dramatic way many of the older preachers tend to, with his “enemies of righteousness” (who, specifically is that? people? evil spirits? both?), and his “powers of darkness be brought to confusion” (literal confusion? or does he just mean he wants their agenda thwarted? and who are they, specifically?).  I have a picture in my mind of what he means with his particular use of language that does not jive with what others, say Mr. Dill, think he is saying, and that I think leaves him open to easy attack.  He is a good man, though there is a lot he teaches that I disagree with.  He’s not my servant, however, and I am content to let his Master discipline him as needed.

          • Therein lies the problem. It’s not a “moral conflict”. It’s a bloody and violent earthly war against people in Iraq. A war where many innocent men, women, and children are killed and maimed. Some of these people are likely our own brothers and sisters in Christ.

            And, would you be willing to point out the verbage in this prayer that describes conflict resolution? Or, have you abandoned that thought? And, although Hagee may have prayed the Lord go before the troops (as if God takes sides) since when are national enemies deemed “enemies of righteouseness”?

            Face it, Hagee (and maybe you? I don’t know) are right-wing Christian Zionists who have bowed at the altar of war, patriotism, and nationalism. Idols for which they and many Americans will be judged for.

          • J. Smith

            You have typed out the prayer as heard on the video.  If you go to my first message to this site, you will find the e-mail address to the Hinn and Hagee interview and Hagee’s entire prayer, not just the segment that WHTT aired.  Before the prayer, Hagee asks us to pray for our troops daily as they go to war.  Near the end of his prayer, Hagee asks God to “protect our soldiers, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”  I did ask you in my above post if you watched the entire interview and prayer.  I guess it was assumption on my part to perceive Hagee’s asking God for “every power of darkness (to) be brought to confusion when this war begins…that the enemy shall be destroyed…and that the angels shall go before (our troops), bringing deliverance,” to mean he was asking for (a speedy) resolution of the conflict.  I apologize for my assumptions.

  • KingsofZion

    I can see Hagee being on board for this thing, but I bet Hinn is secretly telling Jesus  that he’s not in on it at all. lol

    As with other theological arguments, we tend to take a line of thought too far in our exegesis.  It’s clear that Israel is easily grafted back in from their rejection of Christ and that we are to make them jealous for Jesus. As a whole they are unbelievers so they are left to deal with the world’s politics when it comes to their current situation in Israel and elsewhere.

    This doesn’t mean that everyone who believes that God is involved in their (Israel)  lives (politically or otherwise) amidst their rejection of Christ, also believes everything else to which some of the same proponents adhere.
    I’m thinking of the the premillenial/ amillenial/ postmillenial/ panmillenial/blah, blah, blah, and the consistent literal (me personally), futurist, again blah, blah, blah.  It’s like some HSN jewelry: they just didn’t know when to quit.

    God has one people. It’s just that a lot of them don’t know what’s going on at this point including Israel as a whole.

    The only extreme thing I’m into is moose tracks and balance. Radical balance. Extreme unextremeness.

    And out of  Zion’s hills salvation comes (came). Kings and Priests and what and what not and all that jazz.

  • “I pray for our President tonight. I pray that you will give him the wisdom of Solomon…”  Obviously, the petition was not granted.

    I was a just war Christian before Jesus convinced me otherwise.

  • Tom Compton

    We received comments from a “J. Smith” and a “D.Bell” on our podcast site ( about the video we made.  Here is our response:  “D. Bell” has listened to Hagee’s prayer to derive the interpretation he
    wants to get out of it. Hagee clearly states, starting at the 1:34 spot
    in our video: “Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I pray for our
    President tonight. I pray that you would give Him the wisdom of Solomon
    to lead this nation into war against the enemies of righteousness….”
    This seems, in our opinion, contrary to what Jesus taught: “Blessed are
    the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Mat. 5: 9). How
    can Hagee’s prayer be construed as being an example of peacemaking?
    The arguments here by D. Bell remind us of the very learned, seminary
    professor who gave a talk at our church, about how the wars in
    Afghanistan and Iraq were “just” wars. He used his keen intellect to
    quote verses from the Bible to “prove” his point but he failed to weigh
    the teachings of Jesus in the balance. We’ve obviously struck a nerve
    with our video, judging by the number of “likes” (108) and “dislikes”
    (40) and over 170 “Comments” with over 17,000 views in 122 countries,
    just over a week after posting the video on YouTube. The alarming thing
    to us is the demographics of the US viewers of the video. The older we
    get the less likely we are willing to change our opinions or our core
    beliefs. Some of us get down right cranky as we age. Only 5.7% of the
    US viewers were under the age of 35. In Australia: 10.9%; things were a
    little better in bellicose UK: 8.5%; and, hooray for New Zealand at
    37%. On the other hand, 72.9% of the viewers, who liked the video, are
    probably not as inclined to go to war with Iran to protect Israel, as
    the 27.1% who disliked it. Sadly, the military-industrial complex, as
    President Eisenhower described it in 1960, seems to always have its way,
    as evidenced by the US addiction to serial wars since then. The likes
    of John Hagee, Benny Hinn and a host of other “Christian” leaders, who
    have supported and prayed over our serial wars, have distorted what
    Jesus taught us and caused millions of people to reject Jesus. Thanks
    for taking a potshot at the messengers, who, usually, are ignored. You
    have made our day!  Tom Compton, We Hold These Truths (website: and podcasts:

    • KingsofZion

      most of us should be alarmed by more than demographics. overall, we’re not as bright (pun intended) as we would like to think we are. there’s some hope in knowing that being taught a distorted view of Christ’s will doesn’t necessarily cause a rejection of Christ.

    • J. Smith

      Are you loving your enemy?  I’m not thinking Mr. Hagee is feeling your love…

    • J. Smith

      Mr. Willems, I return your site to you.  I have responded to the above comment left by Tom Compton on the whtt website, if you’re interested. Goodbye!

  • David

    Hagee is a heretic! To pray for war in the name of the prince of peace, is, well, there are no words for that. What is really sad is that his congregation of over 15,000 continues to support hum.