The Rob Bell vs John Piper Animated Smackdown

This may give us a glimpse into how silly our debates become. Not that these issues don’t matter, but we need to be careful about demonizing either side of an argument among Christians. Passion is important… I certainly am passionate and have towed this line at times, but lets do all we can to see the best in the “other.”

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  • Justin Boulmay

    My favorite part is when “Rob” stares down “John,” fixes his shirt, and then stares him down some more.

    I’m linking to my blog. Did you make this?

    • Kurt Willems

      Thanks… No i didn’t make this. I just thought it was awesome.  Feel free to point folks over to watch and laugh :-)

  • dougblackjr

    You mentally handicapped goldfish… (love it)

  • Chris Law

    “Farewell, Rob Bell.” hahahhahahahaha

  • Bo Eberle

    The great thing about Rob Bell is his uncompromising refusal to engage in this kind of silliness, or say anything negative about his critics. This really isnt a stretch for Piper, Driscoll, Chan, and others, however one of the things I respect most about Rob is his handling of these kind of situations. I hope the distinction between Rob and his critics is not lost, even in parody! 

    • Bo Eberle

      ALthough I have found myself acting like this representation of Rob…

      • Kurt Willems

        @facebook-12456809:disqus … Awesome.

    • Kurt Willems

      @facebook-12456809:disqus … thats certainly something I appreciate about Rob too…

  • Anonymous