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  • JM

    You know…Bill Maher gets it right every now and then.  Case in point: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUYDt7kC3Z0

  • Ben

    Sounds like he might understand the Bible better than many conservative Christians. ouch

  • Jtroyer2

    The problem is trying to get Jesus to fit into either political agenda. Jesus is republican but assume he would serve a democratic or more “liberal” agenda just isn’t true either. Jesus has a kingdom to run already. We shape our politics from within His kingdom but we don’t try to apply Kingdom life to kingdoms of this world.

  • Mike Ward

    I remember when Bill Maher was just this prolific extra who used to pop up in guest starring roles on TV.

    And I remember when Politcally Incorrect started on Comedy Central and it was funny and did not take itself seriously.

    Then people started saying it was the best political discussion show on television, and it totally went to Maher’s head. By the time his show went to ABC he was a pompous insufferable ass.

    Now he just seems to hate everybody.