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Is There A Doctor In the House: An Insider’s Story And Advice On Becoming A Biblical Scholar

***A Guest Post by Lawrence Garcia. Scholars, we energetically read their books, we quote their work to lend credibility to everything from blogs to school papers, and yes, some of us self-proclaimed “up-and-comers” emulate them aspiring eventually to become actual biblical scholars ourselves. But do we really have what it takes? Are we even aware [Read More…]

America Loves a Bully and the Acceptance of Violence in Movies

FROM ADAM LEIPZIG AT CULTURAL WEEKLY: Joan Graves, head of the MPAA’s ratings board, writing to defend the R rating for the film Bully, has said, “Our ratings reflect how we believe a majority of American parents, not just from large cities on the coasts but everywhere in between, would rate a film.” She’s probably [Read More…]

Parables, Preaching, and Toxic Waste: Rediscovering Jesus’ Way of Storytelling

* The following is a guest post by Martin Day. I have always thought in metaphor and simile. From a young age it seemed natural to me to translate a concept from one form to another, just to prove I’d grasped it. When the same thing happens to a story the result is a parable. [Read More…]

Tree chopping fail (this is a bummer!) video

Saw this on Good Morning America today… [Read more…]