Greg Boyd Sermon on Hell “Tormented in the Flames?” (Amazing!)

Greg Boyd Sermon on Hell “Tormented in the Flames?” (Amazing!) April 4, 2012

Greg Boyd lays out some thoughts on hell that I basically agree with…

"if god exists maybe, however if god exists and is good he can't imo."

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  •  I think he presents a pretty convincing argument here. However, it seems Greg is leaning towards annihilationism as the end result of those who refuse to be apart of God’s redemption.

    Kurt, I guess my question is whether this is something you affirm as well? As much as I have a hard time affirming a God who eternally torments those who do not turn towards him, I also have a hard time accepting a God who simply annihilates all who refuse as well. Just curious what your thoughts are.

    • I will be writing about hell soon. I will try to answer this question there!

      • Kurt, if you are planning to write on this subject, I hope you will consider what I have written (Everyone Is Going to Heaven, and The Biblical Case for Everyone Going to Heaven).  

  • It’s interesting how so many can look at the same passages and argue for different views on Hell. I enjoyed Dr. Boyd’s sermon; thought provoking and also very civil in his presentation.

  • In the same line of open questioning Greg proposes, of course the following questions could be asked as well:
    1. How is God’s victory really universal if His love is able to bring to faith some but has to destructively put out of conscious existence the rest?  How does this jive with the argumentation of Romans 9-11 that emphasizes and exalts God’s limitless abilty and sovereignty to save and harden( for a saving purpose!)  and that saving faith always remains a gift?
    2. What is the point of a limited and proportinate punishment (before God’s final euthanasia of the wicked)  if the end result is still the same – a forgotten existence?
    3. If God’s fire purges believers according to 1 Corinthians 3 why is it impossible that people who have been ignorant regarding God’s grace and already accomplished reconciliation come to a saving knowledge after seeing the one who died for them post mortem?  What makes the timing of understanding and embracing grace before the point of physical death crucial for love to accept someone who really wants to embrace that love?

  • Bob Freeman

    Greg Boyd’s sermon was an eye opener for me. It is causing me to take another look into the subject of hell. I, like many others, have often questioned why a loving God would want someone to be tortured and burned in a lake of fire throughout all eternity. What would be gained by this?   Moreover, why would those of us who have submitted our lives to Jesus Christ and live in hope of Heaven want to see someone tortured throughout eternity?  With this in mind we could read John 3:16 in another light..
    “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not PERISH (cease to exist) but have everlasting life. 

    Thanks for yet another great posting.

  • Randy

    John 3:16…whosoever believes in him shall not “perish.” Why do so many churches give eternal life to the lost when Christ said they would “perish?” The gift of God is eternal life…the wages of sin is not “eternal life” in hell.