Giving away 20 FREE pairs of tickets to Blue Like Jazz (film) & 20 awesome Bibles!

thanks to all who participated this week. the contest is officially over. 20 winners! see my fb page for the names of those who won.

I have two great things that I think go well together to give away for free! I’ve got 20 pairs of tickets to Blue Like Jazz: the movie & 20 copies of the new The Way (Bible). In less than 30 seconds, you can enter to win.

What I love about both Blue Like Jazz & The Way is that they are both raw. Both of these portray the Jesus path in the midst of a messy world, filled with questions, pain, beauty, & awe.

I’ve been talking about how excited I am for the release of Blue Like Jazz: the Movie for the past month or so. In the process, I’ve shared the trailer and had the good fortune to interview Donald Miller (author) and Steve Taylor (director).  I will post my interview video at the bottom of this post.

At the same time, I think that The Way (Bible) creates space for questions, doubts, conversation, and hope. Like Blue Like Jazz, The Way communicates through real stories that don’t always resolve. Because it’s more about listening to people’s questions and doubts – of being in conversation – than having an answer ready at every second. It’s an artistic and well-informed devotional Bible that will be a powerful tool for Kingdom-minded folks or those who are curious about Christianity and want to push past the fluff of religiosity. All that to say that I’m really liking my copy of this Bible!

So… Here’s how to win both a copy of The Way with two free tickets to Blue Like Jazz.

1) Write a comment below saying that you want to win. Make sure you sign in (to comment) with an email address so that is easy to get a hold of you! I will be randomly selecting about 4 winners a day for the next several days.

2) Share this post on Facebook or Twitter as an update:

I just entered to win 2 tickets to Blue Like Jazz: the movie & a copy of The Way (Bible) in less than 30 seconds:

THAT’S IT FRIENDS! DATE NIGHT TAKEN CARE OF [if you win, which the odds seem pretty good!] 🙂

Additional Resources:

I encourage you to consider “Liking” The Way FB page and the Blue Like Jazz: the movie FB page.

Here’s the movie trailer:

Here’s my interview:

Click Here!

Check out the Way trailer

Click Here!

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  • Anonymous

    Well of course I want to win! 🙂

  • Shawn Paterson.

    I want to win :-). 

  • Mark4uth

    an incredible book and should be an awesome flick. Winners all.

  • tara sokalski.

    i want to win! 🙂

  • Andy Frizzell

    Great Interview. I would also like to win

  • Matthew Yoder

    I would like to win. 

  • I’d like to win 🙂

  • Daniel Dlugos

    I’d like to win. Movie looks pretty good.

  • I’d like to win. The movie and the “The Way” look great.

  • BenGraceMusic

    I’ve just finished reading ‘a million miles in a thousand years’ & just totally overwhelmed by don’s story. Would LOVE to win a pair of tickets!

  • Dave

    I sooo want to win! I’ve heard so much about the movie; I just hope it is playing somewhere near where I live.

  • Eddie Schmidt

    I would love to win!  A broke college kid is always in need for free stuff!  Plus, that movie looks great.

  • Laura

    I would love to win! Looking forward to seeing the movie & the Bible looks very intriguing.

  • I would like to win!

  • I would love to win! I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. And the Bible is the best book ever written!

  • Gerren Fish

    I would love to win!!!! I love Donald Miller and Steve Taylor!

  • Donald Miller is the man. Therefore, I’d love to go see his film. It’s showing in my hometown theater too!

  • Oooh! I would love to win.

  • Russ

    I would very much like to win!  The book was terrific; very thought provoking!

  • Douglas Farley

    I look forward to seeing this movie. Our Sunday School class has planned a trip, and I would love to win. I’ve been a big fan of Steve Taylor for almost 30 years. Truly enjoyed reading Donald Miller’s book.


  • Anonymous

    I would like to win. When you put the imagination of Steve Taylor and the writing of Don Miller together, it just has to be magical. On top of that, I’m really interested in reading how this new version of the Bible turned out. 

  • Cslawler

    Winning tickets for this movie would be a great way to promote it to friends and family.  Thanks for making these available!  I still have a copy of the originial “The Way” on my shelf from when I was in junior high.  

  • Jeff Meyers

    I want to win!

  • China B

    I want to win! I have been needing a bible. It be awesome to get a free one along with a movie ticket. (Free movie tickets are a Film major’s encouragement!) 

  • vickie

    I want to win!

  • Kallanach

    I want to win!

  • Julie

    Sweet! I want to win!

  • BB

    Would love to win.  recently read the book and it was awesome.  I remember my father’s copy of “The Way” on the bookshelf and read it as a kid.  It’s too bad I didn’t take the lessons to heart until now 🙂

  • pick me! 

  • Anonymous

    pick me! I’m awesome! 

  • gdoyel

    definitely want in on this for sure.  heard great things about The Way.

  • I totally want in on this!

  • Paulrecycled

    Yes please! Would love to win!

  • I’d love to take my brother to this. Tickets would come in handy in that process.

  • I’d like to go see this with my hubby!

  • Jordan Wiseman

    I want to win! 🙂

  • Jason Hildebrandt

    I’d go see the movie, but I’m really interested in winning that Bible.

  • Dvwilde

    I would love the Bible to give to someone because Jesus is just too important not to share!

  • Sharing the Gospel of Christ is the best thing anyone can do!

  • Angeline Martinez

    Yes, yes, I want to win the New Way Bible and two movie tickets! 😉

  • forhealth

    I would love to win, so I can give the Bible to my son who is leaving for boot camp.  and we can afford “date night” right now for my husband and I and today is our anivarsary.  It would be such a blessing.

  • Wes Ellis

    Well, yes. I want to win!

  • Connor Park

    I would very much like to win!

  • Scott Riley

    I want to win!

  • Phil Kusler

    Really wanting to see this movie… unfortunately may have to drive a couple hours to the closest theatre to see it.   

  • Man oh man! I’d like to win! I’m so wanting to see this film! 

  • Remember having a copy of The Way back in high school in the 70’s.    Now, I most often use the NRSV of scripture.    Recently have begun working more with young men in their 20’s, would welcome exploring this new Bible as a resource in working with them.   As to BLJ, read the box awhile back, powerful stuff.   The movie won’t make it to little South Haven, but will be about an hour away, and worth the drive.

    thanks – Jeffrey

  • Jeff Wilhelm

    It would be a blessing to receive these items for my ministry and for my wife and me.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Iris Peters

    Oh, you have no idea how much I would love to win the tickets and The Way Bible!  

  • empty cart

    Yes, I would like to win two tickets and a bible.  

  • Free date nights are always good….thanks Kurt

  • I would love to win. I haven’t seen a movie with just my husband for a while and The Way seems like a  good Bible to have and to share.

  • I want to win!! i’m signing in with my facebook, so it won’t let me post an email address privately. 

  • Kinzel Jason

    Boom!  Give me some tickets, Kurt!

  • L3ahmr1

    It would be awesome to see a movie with my daughter, who is expecting her first baby in September. We don’t get to do those mother-daughter things as much as we used to.

  • Nick M

    I have a copy of the old The Way bible and I’d love to see how it is updated.  Also, BLJ was a big read for me and I want to see how it translates to a movie.

  • Anonymous

    Thx for this great post and opportunity….much appreciated!

  • Sarah

    I hope I win! That would be a perfect date night. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome! I’ve wanted to read Blue Like Jazz and now here’s a chance to see it! The Way Bible seems right up my alley as well. Thank you, Kurt, for your inspirations and fun! =)

  • I’m really interested in checking out The Way–sounds interesting! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  • Braden Mogler

    I would love to win, I can’t wait to see this movie! 

  • Missy

    I would love to win the tickets!  And my mom used to have a copy of The Way (70’s edition) next to her bed when I was a kid.  I was always intrigued.  Thanks so much!  

  • Harry Vein

    The Way began my transformation in the 70’s and would love to share that, as well as checking out Blue Like Jazz…already having great conversations throughout our church with those that have read it!

  • Daryl Andrews

    I would like to win

  • Leslie Nay

    This feels very familiar to my life in the 70’s when I felt I had to hide the fact I was a Christian to fit in. I still have my copy of The Way. I would really like to win these free tickets so I could give them to seine who is struggling with their faith.

  • Dude, this is awesome… who wouldn’t want to win??  Count me in. 🙂

  • WVCNPastor

    Because the line, “Dude, watch out. There’s a hot lesbian in your bed.” is worth hearing multiple times!

  • Michael Raburn

    Movie and a Bible? Yes, please.

  • KathyT

    I am a 50-year-old woman who has been part of the Christian establishment for my whole life.  I have so many questions about tradition and its place in true Christianity, and Christianity’s place in God’s plan, and God’s plan itself.  I am a seeker and a believer.  I also love jazz.  I would thoroughly enjoy both seeing this movie and reading this version of scripture.  Thanks for your consideration.

  • I would love to win, that would be awesome..I have never won anything…thanks anyways for the offer if I don’t win. God Bless…Sherri Emiy

  • Looking forward to seeing Blue Like Jazz but I am worried that I will be let down. Still, sign me up.

  • BethMcKamy

    The movie sounds awesome….would love to win tickets and The Way Bible!! 

  • Crystalm

    Yes! Please count me in for the movie and bible! =)

  • Aaron

    Enter me to win. Bible sounds very interesting and of course the movie looks good…thestrietzels@hotmai:disqus

  • Ed

    Love Don and love Blue Like Jazz. Can’t wait to see the movie. Also, my introductory class for people who come to our church is called The Way. Would love to see how this translation of the Bible fits with what I’m teaching…so sign me up!

  • Maxwell Mooney

    Would love to win this. I’ve yet to pick up The Way, and BLJ is such a fantastic story that I think will be done justice by the movie.

  • Rana

    pick me! pick me!

  • Julie Lyon

    Have heard our pastors reference this book often over the years – finally finished it myself today! I am very interested to see the movie and would love to win tickets and The Way! 🙂

  • Nickole Huffman

    I would absolutely LOVE the tickets to see this movie.  Thank you for even offering the tickets. What a huge blessing this will be to someone! 🙂

  • Nickole Huffman

    Of course, winning the Bible would be amazing, too. (Thanks again!)

  • Jeff

    #winning 🙂 

  • Auner

    Seeing Blue Like Jazz and sitting down with a new Bible and my wifey…sounds like a fantastic date night to me 🙂  I wanna win!

  • Marge

    I’d love to win a copy of this bible. Thanks for the chance.

  • Mike Ogden

    I want to win

  • Elliot

    This is great. Just close your eyes and choose me!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to win, I haven’t been to the movies in such a long time, I think I would take my daughter, I think she would like this movie.  The bible would be a great gift for her.  I will win if it is God’s will. 

  • Traciesss

    I want to be entered!!!! LOVE this book!!

  • Mark D Gove

    I want to win

  • Stadelfam

    I want to win!

  • Patrick Hogan

    I am always  looking for effective ways to communicate the truth of the good news, and I think these two resources would help me, especially in connecting with younger generations. 

  • Tcsinnaeve

    I love Gods Word and the NLT has been my favorite version. Any time Gods Word is made accessible and yet accurate, I’m driven to read it!

  • I would like to win two tickets.

  • I want to win 🙂

  • Aaron Seaney

    I want to win….because I am going to Seminary in the fall….and I have a 7 month old……so I don’t get out much 🙂 

  • Sandy

    I want to win!

  • Brandi Lea

    Yes please!!! 🙂

  • Allisonjmizell

    Oh my ! Want to win so badly:-) !!!!!

  • Bailey-Ann Boyle

    I loved the book…can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!

  • Douglas Young

    Can’t wait to see this movie and I’d love a copy of The Way!

  • Anonymous

    I just entered to win 2 tickets to Blue Like Jazz: the movie
    & a copy of The Way (Bible) in less than 30 seconds: will be on this girls facebook page! Be blessed and consider being a blessing to me please. 🙂

  • I have a burning desire to know God better and am seeking any way to find a clearer understanding of Him.

  • Angeline Martinez

    Yes…I want to win! 😉

  • I want to win!

  • I’m 62 and want to see religion die and Jesus come to life in his people. Thanks Donald for sharing your revelation. It helps !

  • Anonymous

    I wanna win!

  • Terri-Anne Williams

    I respect your view so much that if this is something that you are endorsing, I know that I would benefit greatly from it. I have been attending church for many years now, but only over the past few years since I have met you have I been an active participant in my own Christian walk. I no longer sit and listen to what a Pastor or other church member tells me I should believe, I now get involved in conversations with many people ~ people who may not even believe the same as I do, and I have grown in my walk with Christ in an amazing way. Yes, I want to win! =)

  • Youschka Heintz

    Hi, I’d like to win the double free give away……I an very interested in seeing the movie and reading the Way!!! Everything that brings me one step closer to God is worth pursuing!!! Grateful for #Jesus!!!

  • Anonymous

    I want to win!! Read BLJ in 07 and  I’m so stoked about this movie!!!

  • Blue Like Jazz literally changed my life when I first read it in college
    about four years ago. I supported the movie when it went through financial struggles and turned to the Kickstarter community – because this book… this STORY challenged me to ask questions and make my faith my own. I would love to experience the film and have a copy of The Way to help me find
    my own way in the “blue like jazz.”

  • Heath Bain

    I want to win! BLJ has been an incredibly important book in my life.. Too long of a story for this shameless, pick-me post. But it has. And excited about reading the Voice as well!

  • Drew Weseman

    I would love to win those tickets. Thank you Kurt for your blog. 

  • Jael Hamilton

    I want to win. I’m a big fan. I’m a youthworker and I will committ to taking our high schoolers and college students with these tickets. Thanks!!

  • Vanessa Page

    I am very excited about entering this contest. I have gone through a considerable crisis of faith over the past year and books such as Blue Like Jazz have helped bring me off the edge many times. I would love to win tickets and a copy of the WAY Bible. Me and my husband, while we do not share the same faith are supportive of each other’s beliefs. Thanks for your blog as well, I enjoy it. 

  • Steve Smith

    Love me some Donald miller, love me so Bible (not in that order). I’d love to win!

  • Lern212223

    I want to win!

  • Wow, very cool contest. I’d also love to win.

  • I wanna weeen.

  • Smalliamnot

    I want to see this- I read the book more than once, very interesting thoughts. Please email at

  • I’d like to win.  I’m very interested in both projects.

  • Tricia Conner

    It would be nice to win. I’ve been talking to my Women’s Bible Study group about going and free tickets would be a nice incentive to get them to go. 🙂

  • empty cart

    Here I am!

  • I want to win. Loved the book and I’m sure the movie will be great too.

  • Eddie Schmidt


  • Will

    If this weren’t random I’d write something creative. 🙂

  • Jeremy Riggs

    I want to win!

  • read the book and would love to check out the film.

  • mary

    hi my name is mary allen. I loved reading blue like jazz and it was so great an intimate i felt like he was my friend by the end of the book. I cant wait to see the film.

  • I loved the book Blue Like Jazz, and have been following the story of the making of this movie.  I would love to see it!

  • Abby

    I really want to win! Please … and thank you!

  • oh, i’d like to win in on this!  what a great opportunity for the beauty of Jesus to be revealed to so many!  

  • I hope I win

  • And I posted on fb.  

  • I want to win! Blue Like Jazz the book changed my life and I can’t wait to see the movie.  And The Way sounds amazing!

  • Papa Schmitty

    Would love to win the tics!

  • Angeline Martinez

    Yes, I would love to win the New Way Bible and movie ticket…was going to get one for my birthday but my daughter couldn’t find a New Way Bible. So good luck to me! 😉

  • Cami

    I would love to win some tickets to the show! The closest theater to me is over an hour away. I have organized a group from my church to go and see it and gas in the church van will be a good chunck of change, so some fee tickets would sure help ease the blow to the pocketbook. 😉 I first read the book years ago and have since bought and loaned out several copies. I recommend the book to everyone I know. It is my favorite of all of Donald Miller’s writings, and what I consider to be my favorite book of all time. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Sherry5348

    After all I’ve heard about this book and then in the making of the movie, it is going to be a Special Event for me when I’m able to see it. Love Steve Taylor’s work with Peter Furler, who 1st told us about the Movie a while ago.  Been following the progress ever since. 
    Sherry Fouts

  • I so want to win!!!  Loved the book, can’t wait to see the movie.  

  • Ames216

    Donald Miller is one of my favorite authors, so I can’t wait to see his movie!  I am also the wife of a church planter (which makes me one too!)  Our lives are tangled up in the lives many people who are searching for God.  I would love to go through The Way Bible, so that I could then confidently give it away to one of those people who are searching.  (Who knows, we might just buy a case of them to give away!)  Really excited about checking out this new Bible!

  • Timm Huffman

    Your book started me on a journey that has reshaped my faith and changed how I experience and interact with God.  Thank you!

  • Ashly_peoples

    II would love to win! 🙂

  • tob

    I want to win!!!  And I am a winner in Christ who strengthens me. Amen.

  • Pete the Potter

    i SO want t win. show me the tickets! ( please and thank you)

  • Hannah

    I would like to win. The end.

  • JeffBalogh

    I would like to win, but really… go down & read the comment from “cathilee”. I think SHE & her DAUGHTER should win before I do. God Bless You All… No matter what the outcome at the box office, God will use Steve’s humble yet powerful heart to move people to Him once again!

  • Hrobinson

    I would love to win.  So excited about the movie.

  • JakeVanKersen

    I’d like to win so I can have passes to see the movie over and over again

  • Shaun

    I want the TIX!!! I read BLJ about 3 years ago and it went straight to the top of my favorite book list.

  • Abigail Passolt

    i want to win! i’m bringing about 15 people and getting all their tickets, so it would be nice to not have to pay for even 2 🙂

  • Paula

    I really should be having my daughter do this for me because she is always winning things. I usually don’t win however I would really enjoy this very much.

  • Rosannadawn

    I’ve been planning on going to see this movie since they released the date last fall. I will have to drive 4 hours to go see it, so free tickets would be awesome. 🙂 I can’t wait to see it!

  • Nathan C

    I am so stoked to see this movie!  But we’re on a 1 yr lock down plan to kick our debt so no entertainment budget. These tickets mean I would get to see it in theater! 

  • Johanna

    I have already seen Blue Like Jazz at the pre-screening, which makes me even more excited to see it again Friday night. Seeing as I’m just a nanny, two free tickets would  be great because then I could use them to invite two friends of mine who I know could benefit from the truth’s that are portrayed in this movie. Would love to get the chance to check out “The Way” too. If it’s as good as it sounds, it would be a great gift for my younger brother. 

  • Connor

    I want to win tickets to the movie adaption of my favorite book, Blue Like Jazz! I’m heading to seminary in the fall so any new version of the bible would be amazingly helpful.

  • SSpell

    BLJ was an impactful book in my life and I’m super jazzed about the movie.  I want to win tickets to take out my wife.  We’ll be driving 70+ miles to see the movie.

  • i’d like to WIN!  I’d love to see the movie!

  • Dsperry14

    So excited to see the movie!  LOVED the book and have given away many as gifts!  Although a ‘middle aged’ mother of three, I still totally relate to this unconventional book!  Praying for future audiences to receive it well!

  • john

    Well, I’m going to go see Blue Like Jazz and pick up a copy of The Way anyway, so maybe don’t enter me. But thanks for hosting this contest. It’s good stuff.

  • Sjhendrickson11

    I want to win! 6 years ago when I first read Blue Like Jazz it really helped solidify what I believed in return solidifiying who I was and my purpose in life. Since then I have purchased several copies just to give to friends to encourage their walks with God a well. I can’t wait to see the movie!

    Shannon H

  • Brian Barnett

    I would LOVE to have tickets to this event! I’m considering taking a trip 3+ hours to go to the closest theater showing the movies, and free tickets would give me more incentive! Also, I work in college ministry and would LOVE to talk more with my students about this movie, if I got to see it first. THANKS!

  • mymelissalee

    I would love to win free tickets! and a free bible!

  • I want to win!!

  • Fofosbride

    As the wife of one of Donald Millers #1 fans. I’d LOVE to have the opportunity to win the tickets and give them to my husband!! 

  • Hey hey, 
    I’d love to win. (:

  • I would love to win BLJ tickets!

  • Catherine Webb

    I’d love to see this movie. I’ve been following the story about raising the funds and am so excited that everyone came to save the film. I first read the story in college and it really helped changed my view on my own relationship with Christ. Growing up in the church I never really developed my own thoughts, opinions, and questions about religion and Christianity. But this book helped me get started and thinking more about my Personal Relationship. 

    Also I’m in Oregon! Where the book/movie is based! 

  • Clapperman

    Would love to see this movie! Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds on the big screen!

  • Carlchomko

    I want to win!

  • Bev

    i want to win!!! pick me! pick me! 

  • I would like to win the tickets!!

  • Mford1187

    I want to win free tix to BLJ!!!

  • Just sent the tweet!

  • Rebecca Schmid

    I have been waiting for this movie for over a year! Free tickets would be SWEET (especially since it would offset the cost of gas since the nearest showing is 1 hour away)! 

  • Bruce Nahin

    I would love to win free tickets to the film

  • I echo the sentiment of my good friend Nacho Libre when he says, “I wanna win!”

  • I am a recovering Pharisee. Blue Like Jazz is a HUGE factor that aided in this much-needed change. I would LOVE to win free tickets and a Bible! You can contact me on my twitter account @1JennHouston or my email at   😉

  • Matt Crom

    Driving 2 hours from richmond to dc to see the movie next weekend. I’d love free tickets

  • Marcus Eiland

    I would LOVE some free tickets to Blue Like Jazz AND a free Bible! As a Young Life leader, I would love to give free tickets to some of the high school students I work with. Also, as an associate producer, I want this film to succeed! Pick me!! 🙂

  • i would love to win! planning to see the movie opening weekend!!

  • Chris Ross

    I would love to have 2 tickets to see Blue Like Jazz. Date nights are pretty expensive. Haha. I bought the book after you spoke at Konnect in Daytona last summer and I’ve read it 3 times since. It really did change my life. Thank you for being a big inspiration in my life!

  • OOOH! PICK ME!!! I love they way you described the book and the Bible. Sweet stuff!

  • Chris Rosa

    I would love to recieve 2 tickets to see Blue Like Jazz in theaters. Date Nights can be expensive. Haha. I bought the book after watching you talk at BigStuf in Daytona last summer and have read the book 3 times since. It has completely changed my life and I will continue to read your books. Thank you for being a big inspiration for me and others!

  • Jrex58

    I would like to enter the drawing for the movie/ Bible.

  • Want to be there opening weekend and tix may sell out before we get them in the ATL!  Would love tickets and Bibles to give away.  Thanks!

  • Elad_34

    Dude! I’d so love to win a pair of tickets to the movie!! I’ve posted the above statement as my new status. Please email me at 
    Thanks a million, Dale

  • Terence Magno

    reading this book was a watershed experience for me. can’t wait to see it come to life on the big screen, and even better to do so on the house!

  • I’d love to see the movie and the Bible both!

  • Braemencos

    I would like to win because I never have any luck in winning much. But I laugh when I try haha. If I win it would be awesome I would actually like to one of my students from youth to see this movie. Its her favorite book and it really impacted her. I would like to give her both tickets. Thanks.

  • Snyder Guy

    As one of the biggest and oldest Steve Taylor fans whose personal theology and development is quite similar to Donal Miller’s, I would love to win tickets. I also seem to collect Bibles, so that would be a great addition, too!

  • Hotrodroy

    Hey!!! Heard A Lot Of Positives, About “Blue” Will Be Going On Friday, 13th, Would Like To “Score”  FREE  Tickets, Have a Copy Of “The WAY” Would Love To Have a “New” One …
    Thank You;

  • Thereisonlyonechrisashley

    I love me som BLJ. Let me win

  • I would love to win either item, but to win both would be great.  The book is on my list to read, so the movie would be fun to see after reading the book

  • Mrs Daniellebarrett

    I would love to win!!! Please!! 🙂

  • Christel Walker

    I want to win!!

  • Ali C Campbell

    I want to win Blue Like Jazz tix and The Way!!!

  • Kim Becker

    Okay, here’s my last ditch effort to win a couple tickets.  Pick me!  Pick me!  🙂

  • Joseph

    I would absolutely love to win this! Sharing now! 🙂

  • Jay Pope

    I, too, would like to win. my main reason. I like Donald Miller’s books and because Steve Taylor hasn’t released an album in 20 years and this is the next best thing.

  • Angeline Martinez

    <3 to see the movie and have a copy of the Bible! 😉

  • Jwtkidd1975

    Pick me, pick me. You won’t regret it. I love blue like jazz!

  • Kim Becker

    I don’t see my comment, so I’ll say again how I want to see this movie. Is it playing in Fresno? If so, pick me!

  • Ashley

    I would love to win! I love Don & his entire catalogue.

  • Guineapigjude

    I would be honored to win!

  • Jamie

    I’d love to win! 

  • Jody Sneed

    Looking forward to seeing the film: lost count of the Blue Like Jazz books I’ve given away since it came out.
    And The Way (student version of the Living Bible) saved my life as a teen!

  • Mark Lott

    Would be blessed to win!

  • Shelby Black-Couch

    I read BLJ at a time I didn’t know how much I needed a book like that! After 15 years of relational ministry at Kent State University, this book came into my life & provided me with refreshment, laughter, & hope. The moment I closed the back cover, I picked up my phone… called my friend Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Bookstore (in Dallastown, PA) and ordered Searching for God Knows What (another amazing read!). It has been a pure joy sharing your work with tons of college students, campus ministers, friends, & family over the years. And it was fun to talk about BLJ on one of my first dates with my husband. I’m truly believe there’s great power for healing & hope in books like BLJ… so I was grateful my husband had it as a reference point on his journey as well.We’d be delighted to receive BLJ tix for our viewing pleasure in the Cleveland-Pittsburgh region. I’m excited to push the film like I did the book (who knows how many people I shared excerpts of it with!!!)We look forward to reading The Way… & receiving a copy of that would make my month of May!Thanks for considering our request!Peace,Shelby Black-Couch (& Russ Couch)

  • Nicsmom4316

    There are so many young adults in my life I’d like to share these tickets and these Bibles with!  What a privilege it would be to share!

  • Anthony Pami

    Hey … I want to WIN 🙂 ….. and would LOVE a copy of The Way …. teach confirmation at my church …. provide a bible to each year’s class … always looking for a Bible that could challenge and engage … and grow with the kids …. we are very much trying in our confirmation class to engage the kids in a process of “unlearning” … helping them see that doubt is essential to faith … and that all that they’ve come to know is just a fraction of the beauty of the God that is life and love and grace. Would love to check out this Bible and consider for next year’s confirmation class.Will gladly accept tickets too … saw movie last night – LOVED IT … will give tickets away and bless someone else.  “Love Wins” … Anthony