A Silence of Mockingbirds (Child Abuse Prevention Month)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Over 3 million children estimated to have suffered from this in the last year. Nearly 2,000 of them died, murdered, neglected. The US leads the industrialized world in child abuse.

My friend Karen Spears Zacharias has a new book called: A Silence of Mockingbirds. The book reports on the investigation of a young girl’s murder in Oregon, shows why child abuse continues to slip through the cracks in our country, and how a season journalist finds herself caught up in a headline story.  I have not yet read this, but care about this issue deeply, as I was a victim of child abuse for most of my elementary school years.

Here’s what others are saying about this book:

“Zacharias emphasizes the broader context of this case in the U.S., which has the highest incidence of child abuse in the industrialized world and in which child abuse is grossly underreported. Detailed and revelatory investigative reporting.”- ALA Booklist

“A Silence of Mockingbirds is beautifully written by a very talented investigative journalist. A must read. Compelling and heartbreaking.”- Ann Rule, author of Don’t Look Behind You and In the Still of the Night

“Karen Spears Zacharias has written a compassionate and comprehensive story of howabuse affects us all.”–Sara O’Meara, Chairman, CEO & Yvonne Gedderson, President of CHILDHELP

The Greater Baton Rouge region has named The Silence of Mockingbirds as their One Book One Community Read! And the book has been nominated for a Pacific Northwest Bookselller Award!

I hope you will consider checking it out and will also make it your business to raise awareness about this important issue!


I’ve written about child abuse here:

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  • Corky Riley

    Anytime light can be shined on the subject of Child abuse a message is being given to our people who have suffered this horrible attack on their innocence. The message is our society that is our people truly care and want to offer help.  There is another message that is just as important and that is those who act out their evil desires and intentions on our children will not escape the judgement provided by our laws. Child abuse is a crime and the act is a criminal act. Many times Mental Health services are offered to those who abuse children but to my present understanding there is no Mental Health treatments that are effective or helpful in healing those people who abuse children. When child abuse is committed our laws are the only opition we have to stop the abuse. Mental Health can be extremely helpful but helpful to the victim. Unfortunately good professional Mental Health treatment is very expensive and at times very hard for the victim to obtain.
    The Church is becoming better equipted to support those individuals and families who have been harmed by child abuse. Pastors are aware and willing to become involved. This is good news. One last thing and that is I have made it clear that I can’t support Mental Health treatment for those who abuse our children but I do support anything we can do to help them know they can have a saving relationship with God through Jesus.