Church Plant Journal #1: Calling (video blog)

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  • Dennis Gingerich

    Kurt, I’m from Oregon but I moved to southwest Florida to do a church plant 26 yrs. ago under the sponsorship of the Mennonite Church. is the website.  It’s been a wonderful journey!  This phase is even more fun now to see all the fruit of raising up young leaders to take it on into the next generations!  Amazing experience.  I’m still a part of it in a leadership role but not the point leader now.  It’s a wonderful experience like parenting!  You birth it, help to shape it and guide it but it develops into adulthood and you get to see your DNA but yet it is a totally unique creature of its own!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    • Kurt Willems

       @299c8bd5b7e81983d238f3c544e57780:disqus , thanks for the encouraging comment! Seriously, its exciting to hear about the church planting journey from seasoned saints. Thanks for leading the way forward for my generation.

  • RT

    Nice, very nice. 

  • Jamie Arpin-Ricci

    Little Flowers Community – – formed almost by accident.  A few of us decided to intentionally engage in our community through a third place used bookstore we started, which led to connecting with neighbours, which led to regular meals/potlucks at home, etc.  One day one of the folks approach me and said, “Jamie, I think we’re a church.  Will you be our pastor?”  After some prayer & partnering (Menno Church Manitoba), our church was born.

    You’ll read more about it when you get to my book, Kurt. 😉

    • Kurt Willems

       Very cool to hear @9e8390542179c9cc76df7a0fd9201281:disqus ! PS – I was with Tom and Christine Sine and he had a copy of your book to hand to my mentor. I said “He’s a friend of mine!” Very cool.

  • Stephanie Danielson (Olson)

    I’m so excited for this series, for your wife and you, but mostly I’m excited for Seattle! There is such a deep need for the church -the Truth- you will bring there. I can’t wait to support, pray, and follow you on this journey! Yay:-)

  • Paul harlan

    Kurt, your story and heart sound identical to mine. I feel so drawn to church planting. Cant wait to hear more about what is going on.