Did Jesus have a wife? Ben Witherington chimes in…

Dr. Ben Witherington III here addresses the controversial notion that Jesus may had a wife.

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  • Sherwood

    Wow! I love you, man, but why the video discussing the accusation that Jesus had a wife? You know, our great nation has so many REAL problems and among those that tend to irritate me the most is the fact that many Christians have opted for political solutions rather than addressing the reality to be discovered in responding to our Lord, the One we call Jesus.

    We really don’t need to bow down to the political savants of the day, nor do we have to respond to the notions that Jesus had a wife. It would not be long before someone would uncover a tablet that He had children and one of those became a leper. That of course is nonsense of the highest order.

    At 83 years of age, I can look at the first almost 45 years of being – in church, and joining in the “socially” correct activities of those days, but then I met our Lord in an hour of need and chose to walk out the rest of my life in His company. What a joy it is to be – in Christ, and be able to discern between what is utter foolishness and what is real – as He laid it out for all of us to consider.

    Please, I beg of you, be done with lesser things and learn of the joy that is possible in living for Him and those who have yet to meet Him.

  • http://twitter.com/PodcastinChurch Paul Alan Clifford

    I agree. This is like if I wrote a book today saying that George Washington had a harem. Even if I quote Washington saying, “My wives are also revolutionaries…” it’s no proof that Washington was married to anyone other than Martha. It’s just too late for me to have any knowledge of the fact.

    Likewise, I don’t think it matters. If Jesus had a wife, having sex with her would not have been sinful, but would have been pure and holy. The Bible tells us that a husband SHOULD have sex with his wife. I don’t think Jesus had time for a wife and probably wouldn’t have thought marrying one only to leave and be crucified is the way you should treat a wife. I know my wife doesn’t love my business trips and would hate if I was killed during one.

    Great word BWIII.


    • http://blackrockstoybox.blogspot.com Mark Baker-Wright

      I’ve been saying for years. If Jesus had a wife, it wouldn’t have been controversial. They’d just have recorded it as such, and we’d all have moved on.