Former terrorist becomes a Christian and then becomes a fraud?

HT: J-M Smith

I don’t know anything about this man besides this video. I thought it was interesting though. Even if he is not a fraud, he doesn’t represent my understanding of the way of Jesus. I guess this story ran last summer. Any news on it since then?

Walid Shoebat had a blunt message for the roughly 300 South Dakota police officers and sheriff’s deputies who gathered to hear him warn about the dangers of Islamic radicalism.

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  • stephenparker

    Here is a link to part 2 of the CNN expose: . Walid Shoebat is most certainly a liar and a fraud, and consequently his claims to being a ‘Christian’ are also spurious.

    Anyone who has done any personal examination of the Qur’an will immediately recognize that the accusations that Walid Shoebat and his ilk (Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney, David Yerushalmi, et. al.) make concerning its teachings are almost entirely falsehoods.

    It is quite true, of course, that the Qur’an says that Jesus Christ was not crucified, nor was he killed, but it was made to appear that way. What you may not know is that Muslims are not unanimous on what that statement means. For some, there is very little difference from the Christian assertion that he DID die on the cross. Their argument is essentially the same as many make concerning those who have a ‘near death experience’: that such people ‘appeared to be dead’, but the fact that they revived proves they weren’t really dead. Not all Muslims believe that someone else died instead of Jesus, but God changed his appearance so that he looked like Jesus and therefore fooled people.

    It is also true that Muslims categorically deny the “Trinity’, and that Jesus is God (or ‘God the Son’); and they deny the necessity or possibility of substitutionary and vicarious sacrifice for sin. The Qur’an affirms that no one can bear someone else’s burdens – and Jeremiah and Ezekiel say the same thing.

    So if you want to reject Islam on the basis of those things, go ahead. But please don’t fall for the lie that the Qur’an teaches Muslims to hate Christians and Jews, and kill everybody who won’t convert to Islam! The Qur’an says concerning the Jews the very same thing the the Hebrew prophets (including Jesus and his disciples) said: that many or most of them were NOT the people of God (as Jesus said through the apostle John in the Revelation: they say they are Jews, but they’re NOT: they’re the ‘synagogue of Satan’). Nevertheless, there are always some of the Jews who are on the right path (the straight way) and will certainly have their reward with God (as Paul said, there still remains a ‘remnant according to the election of grace’). The Qur’an says the same thing concerning Christians: some/many/most have strayed from ‘the straight way’ and are not true people of God (and I suspect that most fundamentalist and evangelical Christians would agree with them about that assessment) – but there are still some who ARE on the right path and are true believers; and those will most certainly have their reward with God.

    Nowhere is the Muslim believer exhorted to fight and kill Jews and Christians (even those who aren’t genuinely God’s people) or anyone else, unless they have first violated a covenant of peace and have been first to attack the Muslims (or those in alliance with the Muslim community). Anyone who says otherwise is either speaking untruth through ignorance, or is deliberately lying.

    I started ‘investigating’ Islam almost 3 years ago as a result of one of those Islam bashing e-mails that circulate on the Internet. It took me almost no time to find out that the accusations being made were false – and I started writing blog articles about what I was discovering. I am far from being alone in this. For instance, a young man who was a Christian and an ‘all-American’ Marine at the time of 9/11, bought a Qur’an after that atrocious event in order to see for himself the evil and hateful things it said and highlight them so he could easily reference them. Instead, though, he was overcome by the beauty and godliness of that noble book and became a Muslim! He now calls himself Robert Salaam, and tells about his experience in this article: .

  • Shoebat also made the precarious move of claiming that Mosab Yousef was a fraud… when Yousef is the Son of one of the founders of Hamas. Shoebat published multiple very aggressive statements about Yousef and has dedicated a page on his website to sling poop at Yousef: Shoebat comes off as an opportunist but then, I am not inside his head and his heart.