Mitt Romney argues about the Mormon view of the End Times

HT: 22 Words

Mitt Romney speaking about Mormon theology. The REAL Mitt Romney!
(Interview done by Jan Mikelson WHO-Iowa)

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  • really, really interesting. one of the first times I’ve seen Romney as a person. I don’t mean for that to sound snarky.

  • Shane

    Wow! He is passionate! I liked his responses to the abortion questions. Glad I’m supporting him over Obama for sure now.

  • Breanna Rose

    Why so defensive?

    • Pat68

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Michaela

        Well, it’s obvious that the first half of this conversation is missing, so who knows.

        • Pat68

          You’re right. I should give him the benefit of the doubt because who knows what was said prior to the portion that we saw. I didn’t think the radio host was being antagonistic, but if Romney felt like he was duped into doing the interview so he could be asked about his religion, then maybe that’s why the defensiveness. But it does strike me as odd to be defensive, rather than politely guiding the conversation back to the issues.

      • Breanna Rose

        I suppose he wants to avoid talking about his faith because if he did, the differences between his beliefs and those of most Christian Americans would be more clear. Might cost him some votes.

    • jegribble21

      Maybe he’s defensive because, every time someone finds out he’s a Mormon, they want to poke him and prod him and point at his funny little doctrine. It would get old, I think. Especially when those people think they know better than him what his church teaches because they read some book by some ex-Mormon with a chip on his shoulder.

      We’re a bunch of Richard Dawkinses and our job is to inform some other guy on what his own religion teaches, then proceed to show him how silly those teachings are. I’d be defensive.

  • SusanRogersStLaurent

    I wish he could be this articulate about his politics without being so condescending.

  • Pat68


  • Leslie

    Well done. Seriously, it gets old. People gripe about church/govt needing to be separated and when a politician TRY to do that, people get upset.. Serious people. Hes going to be our President, not our pastor. Ask about real issues!!!

  • tcmoore617

    Missouri?!?!? No, seriously… Missouri?!?!? Wow. And I thought planet Kolab was ridiculous.

  • Weird. He doesn’t want to talk about mormonism but there is nothing I would rather spend my time on than talking about Christ. Perhaps when you are relying on evangelicals to march to the polls in a couple of days to vote for you the last thing you want to talk about are the teachings of a faith that is opposed to everything evangelicals are supposed to believe.

    • Guest

      Well that

    • AimySidney

      well that is one perspective, and quite the harsh one at that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Romney, in fact from what I’ve seen he seems to be a borderline psychopath. At the same time, let’s be fair when critiquing him. He is running for a public office in which he must not only be elected by the people, but also represents the people. Not, thanks to the separation of church and state, in any sort of spiritual or theological way, but politically. Issues regarding theology are irrelevant. aside from a handful of nutjobs who still think Obama is a Muslim, no one has questioned Obama’s theology with any rigor, so in fairness, I don’t think Romney’s ought to be either.

  • The important issue for me when it comes to Mormon Theology is the Postion of Christ in the Mormon Church.. There second leader B. Young said that Jesus blood could not atone for all of our sins. I have to draw the line there. Young said there are some sins Jesus can not forgive us of. This is the main deal breaker for me. There are hundreds of other questions I have but the blood of Christ is the point at issue. Corky Riley

  • I really like Ronmet and plan to vote for him. His faith is not an issues for me. God will judge his heart and I will judge his efforts as our president. Corky