My upcoming talk for Missio Alliance’s conference on Anabaptism

missio alliance
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Hi friends. Not sure if you have heard, but in September a great conference is going to be happening in Carlisle, PA. Missio Alliance has organized a conference for all of those intrigued by how Anabaptism can be a resource for mission and community in a post-Christian society. I’ll be sharing the stage with Greg Boyd, Bruxy Cavey, Brian Zahnd, Meghan Good, David Fitch, and many more! I hope to see you there on September 19 @ 9:00 Am – September 20 @ 12:30 Pm! Here’s more info.

In case you are wondering about what I will be speaking about, the topic I’ve been given is “radical Christian community.” Here’s the approach I plan to take:

Throughout the biblical narrative we see God dwelling amongst a people. This cluster of humanity is invited to shape its communal imagination through the grid of a radical story: a counter-story. The theme of counter-story permeates the Scriptures. Whether that of the Jews in exile or the early church in the shadows of Rome’s oppressive domain, God’s people thrive when they are positioned in the margins of culture—not the center. In Post-Christendom a similar theme has emerged. The church used to take the center stage of society, but not so any longer. Although this creates a fearful shock to many communities within the North American church, the Anabaptists are equipped with a counter-story to gift to the whole Church for this new moment. Christian communities shaped by a commitment to costly discipleship and mission posture themselves to make a Kingdom impact. However, this requires that each community rid their imaginations of the values of empire and re-embrace a vision of embodying a counter-story of peace, justice and hope.

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