A Video that Perfectly Illustrates How Egocentric Humankind has Become

This is an animated film, but for some reason it was still hard to watch. There is so much truth in this short video, but I’m not so sure we can handle the truth. It hurts.

But there is hope. Followers of the way of Jesus can choose something better. A life free of violence. A life free of animal cruelty. A life free of the destruction of creation. A life free of anything that doesn’t look like a God being crucified for God’s enemies.

A life full of love and reconciliation.

A life that doesn’t end with aliens giving you the smackdown, but with a God who comes back to clean up our messes and offer restoration.

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  • Don Lowery

    Enjoyed the short film in that the truth hit a little too close to home. The only thing I disagreed with is that I have always thought aliens were always too smart to come to Earth for any purpose. I hope and pray science never invents a way to make/use a wormhole or any other method to get to other planets. Man destroyed this world and it would be a shame to be able to allow him to do so on other planets.