Relatively Absolute

In the Science of Mind, our founder Dr. Ernest Holmes, states, “We wish to affirm relativity without destroying Absoluteness.” He goes on to say, “This can be done only by realizing the relative is not a thing apart from, but is an experience in, the All-comprehending Mind.”

In light of this wisdom, I tell my students that my goal is not to become Absolute or to live solely in the relative. My intention, rather, is to blend the two in such a way that they mesh like gears coming together in harmony. If the Absolute, as Dr. Holmes claims, is Cause, and the relative is effect, it is my purpose to bring them together so they are one.

I consider the same to be true of all aspects of my life. I do not want to be masculine or feminine, I do not want to be right brained or left, I do not want to be eastern-minded or Western-minded, and I do not want to be ascetic or materialistic. I want to be balanced in every aspect of my life.

This intention extends into every part of my living: to be loving in the midst of animosity, present when preoccupied, alert while tired, generous while judicious, kind while irate, understanding while confused, compassionate while angry, and faithful while afraid. There are two keys that help me do this.

The first is awareness of my intention and rising above any temporary schism I might be experiencing in the moment. I do this by remembering that the relative is, as Dr. Homes defines it, “That which depends upon something else”, while the Absolute is unlimited and unconditional.

The second key is to be conscious that I have a choice. I must recognize how choice determines the direction in which I lean away from my desired balance. I always attempt to lean in the direction of the Absolute because there, I cannot make a mistake.

Finally, there is one other conscious practice I embody. I remind myself that this life-my life-is a gift; not something to be taken for granted. The gift of sharing the creative process of life with the Divine and to be a participant of playing consciously with the Infinite System of Creation is beyond words. The opportunity to play with God is such an awesome manifestation of everything good that I cannot help but play nice.

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