Works for Me

The pivotal moment of my deepest awakening, up until now, was the day, twenty some years ago, that I decided to stop trying to fit the Creator into my life and instead fit my life into the Creators. It was the day I realized that no matter how intelligent, clever, resourceful, imaginative and controlling I was, I was no match for the natural enfoldment of the perfection of the Law. For forty some years I had directed and to a degree designed my life. Sometimes it felt great but mostly it was flat and empty. No matter how successful in form and status I was I never felt complete. I had already completed practitioner training so I knew the laws and principles quite well at least intellectually. However, I was still using them as a back up and not as a first resource or way of being. The decision I made was to surrender unconditionally to what I’d learned in classes and held intellectually to be true.  And that was that the innate goodness and promise of life would guide in perfection all that was required to bring fulfillment and peace into my experience instead of me mashing and hammering my life into an old mold that was provided by my expectations and upbringing to that point. It was the most important decision I have ever made and it has opened my life to joy, love, satisfaction and fulfillment ever since.

Once I put, “my way” aside and allowed “the way” to enter everything changed.  Everything that was required for me to be connected and complete flowed into my experience. The good, the bad and the ugly. In hindsight, it was fairly easy. But at the time it was a constant struggle that demanded that I spend hours in practice reminding myself of my commitment to let what I’d learned work. And just like ridding oneself of any addiction, it got easier and easier everyday.

Dr. Holmes wrote, “Have we really tried God? Since all the other methods have failed, a Divine compulsion is laid upon everyone to find the Power of God and to make use of It. It is not merely a new theory of God that we are looking for; rather it is the actual Power of God that we must harness. Our problem is that we have not really believed that this Presence exists and operates in human affairs. We have not realized the Divine Presence as a living and dynamic reality. What we need is a direct experience of a conscious contact with the Divine. God is pure Spirit filling all space. This pure Spirit animates your every act. This is a real you, which lives in a real God and the two are one. To know this is to understand the secret of life. To realize this is to understand your relationship with the Divine Presence. To realize that the law of God is written in your own mind is to make available to you, a Power than can meet every need.”

Works for me!


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