Communication and Inclusiveness

It is the desire and mandate of our organization to grow and develop inclusiveness and communication while always acting from the principles we espouse.  Having an inclusive organization, attitude, or intention essentially means we are conscious that there is space for everyone.  Communication means everyone has a voice, everyone is heard, and through, openness and transparency are the normal practice.  Being in principle indicates that we operate from an intention of love, unity, self-direction, and self-responsibility in every thought, word, and deed.

Being open and inclusive allows new ideas and new opinions to be formed; it opens doors to greater ideas than those previously held.  Its inevitable effect is newness and growth, and if it is growth we want, then these virtues serve as tools to precipitate, develop, and facilitate that growth-personally and organizationally.

Staying in principle in the midst of communication and inclusivity is sometimes a different story altogether.  It is not hard for me to imagine how much easier it would be to stay in principle if I were to live a solitary life, communicating only with myself.  I am always astounded at how easy I am to get along with when there is only me to reflect and share with, and in turn, what a challenge it can be to live in love, unity, self-direction, and self-responsibility when I am interacting with others.  Living only with my own opinion impedes my growth, while living in community precipitates it.  It is the interaction with others that provides the playing field for new newness.

Werner Heisenberg, a quantum physicist who devised the Uncertainty Principle, said real advances are made at the intersection where two different lines of thought meet. In other words, real growth comes from more than one disparate or divergent idea or opinion coming together to birth a third.

Living, working, loving, disagreeing, and even disliking create a medium for the development of news and growth.  When I am open to more than just my own opinion, I grow.

At the intersection of two thoughts, a third is automatically born.  It is not that one is right and one is wrong; it is that when combined, they produce a third that is greater than either of the originals.  It is evidence of the mind evolving.

You do not have to agree with me.  It is enough to simply be receptive to hearing me.  In that action lies the seed of self-knowing and growth.  The Infinite lies in repose, awaiting our discovery, and is birthed in all our interactions.

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