How to Use It

For the last few weeks we’ve been exploring the introductory chapters of the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes.

We know what “It” is, we know how “It” works, but now we’re down to the nitty gritty: how exactly are we to use this Thing.

When people approach me about a change they want to see in their lives, I always ask them two questions.

The first question is: what do you want? Regardless of what their answer is, the very next question I follow up with is: why don’t you have it?

It’s this next question that uncovers those hidden parts of us (both conscious and unconscious) that need to be worked on. Some people call the answer to this question the “story”. I prefer to think of it more as side plates that can interfere with the enjoyment of a truly great entre.

We’ve all had the experience of sitting down to a great dinner and getting distracted by all the other offerings – the side salad, the appetizer, even the dessert. We lose our focus, and before we know it that great entre that we selected has been robbed of some of its appeal. We lost our way.

This is what can happen when we disconnect between what we say we want, and what we actually select.

Learning how to redirect our minds, and focus our attention so that it is in alignment with what we really want makes all the difference in the world. Now we are enjoying the moment – the main course if you will – of what we want from life.

I’ll use another analogy here – this time borrowed once more from my skiing life.

At the time, I was a ski patroller. On this one day, it was bitter cold, and I was doing my job going up and down the lift, listening to other skiers grumbling about how bad the weather was.

I was grumbling too, wondering what I was doing on this god forsaken hill. And as I listened to the whining coming from the chair behind me, I realized how cold I was getting. My fingers were tingling, my nose felt almost frosty, and the wind seemed to get past my jacket no matter how hard I wrapped myself.

As I became conscious of this, I thought: what if? What if I embraced the idea of warmth? What would happen then?

So, I contemplated warmth. I opened up my jacket. I allowed the air that was around me to come in. I welcomed it, and as I did I felt that warmth radiate around me. The hill was no longer forsaken. It had been found once more.

Nothing had changed externally. The wind was still there, the sun was the same place it had always been. But I had changed. I was no longer distracted by the side plate of discussion that was going on around me. The hill was no longer forsaken. It had been found once more.

I left the chair with a renewed sense of both my own power, and the greater power that constantly says “Yes!” to everything we put in mind.

We live in a Universe that is filled with both love and law. It is our job to marry those two to the best of our ability in our own unique ways so that every day we are closer to being the truth of who we already are.

This Power is immense, and infinite. Use it wisely.

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