The Altar In My Office And Why It’s There

The Altar In My Office And Why It’s There December 7, 2017

I looked at the altar in my office. Everything on the altar was just lovely, but it had gotten a bit cluttered. If I’m honest, I’d forgotten why I’d put some of the items on it. Not knowing why an item is on my altar is a sure sign that it’s time for me to take it all down, leave it alone for a while, and then start again.

Why is there an altar in my office?

This is quite literally the question I asked myself. I spoke it out loud as I perused the collection of rocks and incense and statuary that formed the existing altar. Looking back on it, I don’t have a clear recollection as to why I chose the various bits and bobs that were there. I know what each thing is and where I’d found it or who had gifted the things to me, but I couldn’t recall just why it seemed important that it be on my altar now. So I asked the question out loud, and to no particular person. The answer to my query came almost immediately. The altar said, or I imagined it said “All these things have already happened. Do you need to remember them?”

The altar was right. And, yes, I know I’m detailing a conversation with a piece of particleboard and paint, but these things happen, so go with it. The altar correctly pointed out that everything on the altar had to do with pieces of magic I’d already worked. In most cases the magic was complete or as completed as it could be in the present moment. There was nothing active or dynamic or representative of what I’m excited about today. So clearly, it was time for this office altar to change.


Yes, but why is there an altar in my office?

I spend a lot of time in my office. My desk is one of those two-tier affairs. My laptop, screens, docking station, and such occupy the lower tier. The second level is dedicated as an altar space. If I sit upright in my chair, this second shelf is right at eye level. When I rock back in my chair I can see it all very clearly.

What I see in front of me reflects projects I’m working on or want to be working on. Whether I’m consciously paying attention to it or not, what’s in plain view impacts me, inspires me, and subtly reminds me that I’ve got work to do or play to engage in. My office altar is a little like a calendar or a reminder that pops up on my phone. It says “Hey! Remember to write that blog or plan that magical adventure.” I’m in an ongoing conversation with my office altar and I rely on that dialogue for fresh perspective. The altar possesses a personality of it’s own and I can engage with it. I ask the office altar questions and interact with each specific component on it.

In my office with a computer and a beverage - Personal photo stash
In my office with a computer and a beverage – Personal photo stash

So, I changed it up

After the office altar pointed out that it was feeling a bit stale, the only thing to do was to change it up. I started by thanking each trinket or bauble for the inspiration it had provided. Each item reminded me of the places I’d traveled and the work I’d done there. I reflected for a few moments on the fun I’d had and the learning opportunities that had come my way. With the altar bare and the pieces put away or redistributed somewhere else, I cleaned the space. I wiped this and dusted that and as I did, the literal and figurative cobwebs fell away. I sensed an opening and a new intention coming and that’s when I know I’m in alignment with something.

Office altar complete with hidden things - Personal photo stash
Office altar complete with hidden things – Personal photo stash

What Office Altar has to say

While it would be imprudent to give too many details, magic working best with a little secrecy and all, I can say I love my new altar. We’ve already been in conversation and I like the direction this altar is taking. Office altar speaks about daily writing and conveys a particular singularity to focus and expand my writing. Hidden between the objects are reminders to step away, appreciate beauty, and stay engaged with my body. I placed secret messages underneath a few pieces. One exciting facet contained in this altar is a sense of joy and wonder and that’s been absent from many of my altars for far too long.

Thanks Office Altar. I’m looking forward to our next chat.




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