Multiple Choice

I am a fan of brevity, an economy of words, viewpoints concisely made.  In keeping with this philosophy, I may have to write a series of blog posts to give each facet of this complex issue its due.  But first – got 8 minutes?  Watch this.

Whether you’re male or female, how are you feeling right now?  Circle all that apply.

  1. Angry
  2. Dismissive
  3. Apologetic
  4. Defensive
  5. Hopeful
  6. Empowered
  7. All of the above
  8. None of the above

Me, too.  More to follow.  Much more.

  • Jen

    Oh Aliza. Thank you for starting this conversation. I am just so sick of how women are marginalized in this country.

    • Aliza @ The Worthington Post

      We shall see what comes of it. We shall see. Your fb post about credit cards was what pushed me over the edge. It gets its own post.

  • Kirsten

    YES. YES TO THIS. I found myself wanting to comment on Jen’s post that “I always suspected I didn’t count, and now I have confirmation.” and then I thought, what the hell kind of statement does that make? Sigh.

    • Aliza @ The Worthington Post

      Oh, K – That is what did it for me. Good grief.

  • Frances

    Five and six for me. Thank you, Aliza!

  • Aliza @ The Worthington Post

    So glad to hear. Angry as I am, I feel the same way. :)

  • Max Olivewood

    The only number which accurately reflects my feelings is 1. Angry. Not on the numbered list are pessimistic, embarrassed and belittled, which I also feel. The objectification of and attitudes towards women represents but one of the glaring ways that America, as a country at large, is mentally ill. (I’ll reserve the others for the appropriate posts which I’m sure will eventually appear.) It can only be wholesale national denial which allows for such wide societal perpetuation of an ugly reality – denial being, by definition, a state of being out of touch with reality – which is, by definition, mental illness. If a cure exists, it lies in parents of young children.

    You go, woman!

    • Aliza @ The Worthington Post

      You read my mind, speak my thoughts and know where I am going. Shocker… You and Mrs. Olivewood are the greatest cheerleaders in the world.