Let Us Pray – Or Not

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“…Prayer and I have a complicated relationship — I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I regard it with a mix of condescension, skepticism, and respect. ‘Pfft. Like PRAYING is gonna help make something happen,’ to ‘Wow. Look at the comfort and peace she gets from prayer.’ Of course, this was based on which type of prayer I considered the ‘right’ kind…”

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"No thanks, bible beaters. Keep it to yourselves."

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  • pennyhammack

    The Bible says to pray in a closet (in private) and not to call public attention to your prayers. I live in a retirement community where they serve a daily lunch. A few of the residents insist on praying before their meals. It doesn’t matter if you have half finished your meal or not. It still gets prayed over. I pray in my apartment, pray in private, pray in a religious service and when my family gets together in one of our homes we do pray over the meal but never, never in public. At best, you make people around you uncomfortable. At worst, you will probably drive many away by your “piety”.

    • theworthingtonpost

      That’s a really interesting issue. I wouldn’t be bothered by others praying over their own food in public, but to stop my meal so you can pray over yours, I agree…is an imposition. I love the guidelines you employ for yourself and your prayer.