Spider Meets Winshield.

Once upon a time, I was driving to pick up my son from baseball tryouts.  Then I had company looking at me from the other side of the windshield.  Here is the poorly drawn story of our relationship.

We were at a red light.  She seemed happy to see me.

Then the light turned green.

 Red light.

Green light.

Red light.

Green light.

The end.

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  • http://allegro63.wordpress.com/ allegro63

    I see a pulitzer in your future! Well, I’d give it to you just for the giggle factor.

    • theworthingtonpost

      Thank you very much. There IS a giggle Pulitzer, right?

  • http://www.theanimatedwoman.com/ The Animated Woman

    Ha! See!! SEE!?!

    • theworthingtonpost

      Yes, I SEEEEEEE! xoxo

  • mommy_grrl

    Hilarious!!!! Well done!

    • theworthingtonpost


  • http://ninabadzin.com/ Nina Badzin

    Loved this!

    • theworthingtonpost

      Thanks, Nina!!! Hee. :)

  • Linda Roy

    I love this! Man! Bein’ a spider ain’t easy!

    • theworthingtonpost

      Dude. You’re not kidding.