I was nine years old, give or take a year or two, and I was home sick from school. Mom went to the local branch of the Baltimore County Public Library (all praise be upon it, and upon Mom) and came back with some books for me. I supposed she asked the librarian for something appropriate for my young age, advanced reading level, and interest in science fiction and fantasy. Among the books she brought home was Ursula K. Le… Read more

Even the tools to fix the broken things were broken. But if you write about "spiritual" topics, sometimes people actually expect you to walk your talk. Read more

Every spread of the cards is a funhouse mirror, reflecting what comes before it, distorting it in interesting ways, and showing a different scene to everyone who looks. Read more

Fractal Cat is a Baltimore band that I’ve been fortunate enough to watch come together over the years. (I played and read at both the Carriage House open mic series where Miles Gannett and Keith Jones first met, and at the Side Streets open mic where they came together again.) The title track from their new CD, The Tower, is based on Tarot imagery. And it has a sing-along refrain; “I believe in you.” As I was dancing and singing… Read more

"Religious humor is a form of ‘deep play’ that works to renegotiate ideas about tradition, space, identity, community, and the body, and uses paradox to further one’s progress toward enlightenment." So in that context, I’d like to consider Festivus, a satirical or parody holiday celebrated on December 23rd. Read more

Change is going to happen. That’s pretty much an inevitable part of existence. But if we are intentionally making change happen, then we are magicians! Read more

Here in the dark of the year even the weather invites us, demands of us, to slow down. To walk on an icy path without falling, you must go slowly. Read more

As some try to impose order on the inherently chaotic world of sex, romance, and gender relations, I feel upon me once again the urge to toss a few golden apples into the discussion. Read more

If reportage like this seems to normalize race hatred, perhaps that should be a reminder that "normal" people can fall into it. Read more

One of the Three Treasures of Buddhism is the sangha, the community of seekers. Budo Zennists have dojo communities. Pagans have covens and groves and circles. Read more

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