Icelandic Heathens Rising, Cultural Appropriation Violence, And Free Software And Sexual Freedom

The idea of “cultural appropriation” has once again provoked violence from someone who decided they have the right to police the personal choices of others. (If you’re new here, cultural appropriation is something we’ve discussed before.) Read more

“Big Black Cat” (Song, “52 Make-Up” Week 12)

Where do songs come from? In this case, from 1. Seeing a big black cat in my back yard, 2. Tweeting about it, and 3. Noticing the nice rhythm of the phase “Big black cat in my backyard”. Read more

Zen And The Art Of…Obeying The Rules?

To some extent, “stability” means “resistance to change”. To change an unjust system you may need to create some instability — some holy chaos. Read more

Bad Maps, Say His Name, And Stopping A Street Fight

Our usual mid-week selection of quick takes. Bad Maps: Gall-Peters is no cartographic hero Breathless news stories this week described how Boston’s adoption of the Gall-Peters projection of the world map over the Mercator one would correct “500 years of distortion” [The Guardian] and how its introduction was “blowing [student’s] minds”. [Boing Boing] Please. Yes, the Mercator grossly distorts the sizes of nations, making those farther from the equator (the US, Canada, Europe, Russia) seem bigger than those nearer (e.g.,… Read more

“Walking the Dog in the Equinox Twilight” (Poem, “52 Make-Up” Week 11)

I’m going to try to show something about revision, and how a rough bunch of words can start to be formed into something poetic. So you’re going to get two versions of some equinox reflections. Read more

Chuck Berry And My Dad

Every close relationship has moments of magic. They might be soap bubble fragile, so ephemeral that they can’t be spoken of, and you might wonder if you’re the only one carrying them in your heart. But still, they are there, part of the warp and woof of your life. Read more

Dirty Fighting, The Normalization of Disease, And Privacy Sold Separately

Presented for your consideration, our usual Wednesday round of three stories I found interesting this past week. Read more

“Blue And Gold” (Digital Art, “52 Makeup” Week 10)

By controlling focus and illumination — and aren’t those very words suggestive — photography can help remind us of the “suchness” of things. Read more

“Sarasvati” (Song, “52 Makeup” Week 9)

This is the first time I’ve written anything along the lines of a chant or hymn to a deity. I could go on about Sarasvati and her Japanese avatar Benzaiten, but I should probably just let the song speak for itself — or fail to do so, as you may judge. Read more

Putting It Down, Butt-Kicking Girls, and The Return of Samurai Jack

Speaking of martial arts, one of the great fictional martial arts heroes is about to return. Samurai Jack, last seen in 2004, is about to return for a fifth and final season. Read more

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