When you really stop and take a close look at things, sometimes you see cool stuff. Like small blossoms exuberantly exploding from a tree you look at every day but rarely see. Read more

So let us join with Uncle Walt in saying "Hurrah for positive science!" But let us not try to make scientific facts, free of the possibility of value, our dwelling place. Read more

And then some folks get the idea that Jeshua might have the qualifications to be the Roman-ass-kicking anointed one the people are looking for. They convince themselves that he is the Messiah. Read more

When my mother got sick back in September, she was wearing this little crystal pendant. Somewhere in the excitement, either when she fell, or somewhere in the EMT/ambulance/ER confusion, it got broken. Read more

In creating this piece I used an approach similar to what I use when improvising music: starting with a simple theme Read more

Time once again for our mid-week random selection of stories. War Crimes As Usual It will be months — perhaps years or even decades — before we have the truth about the chemical weapons horror in Khan Sheikhoun. The US government and corporate media — who both have a history of dishonesty — claim that the Assad government used chemical weapons, probably Sarin but maybe chlorine, on civilians. The Assad government and its ally Russia — who both have a… Read more

When I sat down with the guitar a few hours later, that feeling of renew came back to me, and I started with a line talking about what I’d done earlier that day. Read more

And so what is currently thought to be 68% of the universe may suddenly disappear, if these calculations hold up. Science can indeed be destructive! Read more

The idea of “cultural appropriation” has once again provoked violence from someone who decided they have the right to police the personal choices of others. (If you’re new here, cultural appropriation is something we’ve discussed before.) Read more

Where do songs come from? In this case, from 1. Seeing a big black cat in my back yard, 2. Tweeting about it, and 3. Noticing the nice rhythm of the phase “Big black cat in my backyard”. Read more

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