Millennials Flee The Church Because Of Lies And Sexual Discrimination

Of course educated young adults, having grown up in a multicultural and gender-fluid world, are leaving the church: they see it as a hateful and ignorant place, a place of lies and sexual discrimination. I don’t blame them.

Sexual discrimination leads many millennials to leave the church forever.
Millennials flee the church and are not coming back.

What is the single largest religious group in America? The non-religious. Data coming from PPRI (Public Religion Research Institute), a respected non-partisan research organization, tracks the rise of the non-religious from 6% in 1991 to 25% in 2016.

It gets worse. Among younger adults (18-29), 39% describe themselves as religiously unaffiliated. For us older folk, it’s just 13%.

Many who claim no affiliation now grew up with some religious identity. They just left. Few who grew up without any religious education or background have come in.

In other words, for religious groups, there is only one door: the exit.

There are no real exceptions to this decline. Catholics went from 31% to 21%; white evangelical Protestants dropped 1-2%, and the white mainline Protestants went down 5%. Non-white Protestants and other religious groups (Mormons, Jews, Muslim, etc.) show stable numbers but no growth.

Although many claim that the current mixing of politics with religion has been the primary reason for the exodus, research indicates two other factors carry more weight. One, this generation just stopped believing in what the church had taught them. Two, they refuse to participate in the generally poor way that most religious groups treat gay and lesbian people.

I have often expressed concern about the way we teach the Bible to children. In many traditions, including mine, we hand our tweens a Bible after minimal instruction about how to correctly read such a complicated book. Then we say, “Have at it.”

Most either never open it again or open it and close it quickly.

As younger children, we have fed them a bundle of sanitized stories:

  • cute little animals marching in neat order onto a boat, without mentioning that a vengeful God was preparing to slaughter all other humans and animals;
  • walking through parted waters without mentioning that all the Egyptian soldiers drowned;
  • marching around Jericho, without mentioning that all the inhabitants were crushed under massive, crumbling stone walls;
  • conquering Canaan without mentioning that most of the Canaanite men were slaughtered and their wives turned into unwilling sex slaves for the conquering Israelites;
  • the birth of the sweet little baby Jesus without mentioning that this birth led to the later slaughter of all the children under three in Bethlehem.
  • and, of course, that God created the entire universe in six 24-hour days without hearing that Genesis One was written as rhythmic poetry, not as scientific treatise.

The Bible is not a book for children. It’s not all that nice a book for adults. Parts of it should most certainly carry an “R” rating with a giant “V” for violence. It most certainly is not a science textbook.

It was both a wonderful and a terrible thing when the Bible, thanks to early and dogged translators and the invention the printing press, emerged from the hands of the religiously elite to the hands of everyone.

BUT . . . the idea of “Sola Scriptura,” the Bible alone was enough to bring about salvation, is the worst idea ever. It’s just not true.

Traditional Rabbinic Judaism taught that Moses, along with receiving the written law (the first five books of the Bible), also received a large body of oral law, known as the Mishnah. The purpose of the oral tradition was to explain and expound upon the written tradition, early scholars acutely aware that the written tradition itself was inadequate and prone to misunderstanding. The Mishnah was not written down until around the third century of our era.

Martin Luther, author of the idea of “Sola Scriptura,” carried such vehement hatred toward anything Jewish that, even if he knew of the Mishnah, would never have respected it.

And so here we are, with uneducated, isolated individuals reading the Bible in always problematic translations, scarily sure it was written with 21st century Americans in mind, and proclaiming confidently, “This is the Word of the Lord” while essentially wreaking violence on the sacred, hard-to-understand and easily misinterpreted texts.

Now we have a generation of educated young adults growing up multicultural worlds with comfortable gender fluidity. Of course, they are leaving the church. They see it as a nasty and ignorant place, a place of lies and sexual discrimination. I don’t blame them.

But these young adults also hold the future of the world in their hands. What can we pass onto them?

Will we insist on these hateful and exclusive interpretations of the Bible and see the church inevitably crumble as a result? Or, perhaps more hopefully, will we abandon our hubris and do the actual work of being the hands and feet of Jesus, offering hope to the hopeless, food to the hungry, clothing to the naked, freedom to the oppressed and the deep connection with each other that all humans need?

It is my sincere hope that we will make the second choice, recognizing that the church cannot ever be married to political power to succeed in its mission.

Photo credit: hernanpba on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA modified by Christy Thomas

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  • Reese

    Like, why not a “God Ap” for millennials smarty-pants phone? Like, get hooked up without personal contact!
    My offering here does not refer to the majority of millennials who are assimilating into and adding to our growing economy. Nor does it cover those who bravely protect us by service in the military, or as police and other first responders. To them, my salute and thanks!
    However, reports say over 40% of Millennials still live with mommy and daddy, are “phubbing” through life (texting while talking) and I am “Hundo P” (100% sure) that they even take “JOMO” (Joy of Missing Out) attending church. So, I suggest “GodAp” for both Android and Apple to reach them. Just hook up with an unknown and unseen “God Person” to text with. Personal contacts and inter-actions are unwelcome in these lives, so the distance might be the way to reach them. Also…
    • Stream sermons to smart-phones. Lay the words between some rock and rap music.
    • Sample sermon (it is short, has to be!): “Like, Jesus really loves you, and like, he just thinks love is where it’s at. Like, do what you do, or whatever, but, like, remember to love everybody in every way you can. The UMC loves everybody, like, all the time and whatever. UMC, like welcomes all people of all religions, whatever, and if you just get together and, like, feel love, then you are us and we are you – hey, that’s, like intense, right? Anyway, vegans or pagans, or like any letter of the alphabet you use to represent you. Whatever. So, come hang with us, we are open doors and really open minds all day on Sundays, but we don’t do specific times.”
    • Don’t ask for financial support as that would make many millennials uncomfortable. Making money is not important so they don’t have any. They majored in art, anthropology, sociology and similar, so the few who work don’t always get to be waiters in the nice places where people give tips.
    • Big point: “Sunday school” is, like, tuition free – with no books and like no tests! Cool!
    • Don’t ask for volunteer efforts, except maybe to show up for a global warming conference or a occupy Wall Street thing, whatever. About half of Millennials have tight schedules: Up by noon, lunch, email, texting, talking on phone through the afternoon, eat something, whatever, but not meat, change tee-shirt, then head out for some “music”. It does not leave much time…
    I saw a post about millennials that really summed it up: There was a picture of a millennial who was claiming, “We are going to start a revolution!” And the aging boomer responded, “Your generation couldn’t start a lawnmower.”i

    Agreed, the Bible has some tough stories and life has been so good for these little snowflakes that they cannot deal with reality. At places of “higher” education, the educators are setting up safe spaces and puppies to help pathetically weak little snowflakes deal with news that upsets them. Millennials are not to blame for being so weak, useless and without need for religion; liberal logic which scorns strength and celebrates weakness is to blame…

  • Reese

    Maybe about half of the millennials just can’t get out of bed at mommy’s house? Almost half of them are not showing up for work, either. Don’t blame “the church” on their absence…

    • bobcat99

      Reese, that is just not true. More adult millenials live at home longer because they work in jobs that don’t pay them enough to afford rent or a home. That is true even for some with a college education. They are working but their check doesn’t go that far. The world has always had some coddled kids, but there are no more today than before. Try hearing the message of this blog rather than reacting defensively.

      • Reese

        I stay on OFFENSE against liberalism, socialism, stupidism and anyone who criticizes our great, world’s best, American system. And, its getting better every day!

        • P. McCoy

          Just wait until the United States has Nuremberg style trials for Fascistic traitors like YOU!

        • DDRLSGC

          No Reese, it is getting worse everyday.

          • Reese

            The numbers I read say its getting better: unemployment DOWN, black and hispanic unemployment and female unemployment is down, at or near record levels. Corporate profits up, wages and bonuses up, stock market is UP. No idea where you live, but I suggest you move! We’re sure hiring in Texas!

          • DDRLSGC

            No Reese, only bonuses and wages for CEOs have gone up, not the American worker. Where you get your numbers from? Fox News?

          • smrnda

            Texas has the highest maternal mortality in the USA. It also leads the nation in repeat teen pregnancies. Sorry, I think I’ll avoid it like the plague.

            You also realize that unemployment statistics are misleading. The labor force participation rate among men in their prime working years is actually down. They don’t count as ‘unemployed’ because they are no longer eligible for unemployment and have given up on actually looking for work.

            A link in case you want to read more :


        • Mr. James Parson

          I hope that the current trade war doesn’t hurt you.

          • Reese

            No, because we will win.

        • smrnda

          great, world’s best, American system. And, its getting better every day!

          Infant mortality in some parts of the USA are higher than that in actual third world countries. Life expectancies have fallen for many regions and demographics. The USA also has the highest violent crime rate among first world nations. USA! USA!

    • SDLKJ

      The millennials I know live on their own; they’re also working 2 and 3 jobs as well. They’re put off by the total hypocrisy and bigotry and ignorance shown by so-called “leaders” that “talk the talk” but can’t even “walk the walk”. Just look at the bigoted hypocritical morons supporting trump – a narcissist pathological bigoted habitual liar who is backed by so-called religious “leaders.”
      I don’t blame them for saying “no thank you.” and telling the main stream religions to shove it. They also understand that there is a vast difference between spirituality and religion. So do I. That’s why I left the church years ago – for the same reasons stated above. It doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God. It does mean, however, that I don’t have to put up with the ignorance and hatred and hypocrisy preached and practiced in the pulpits and pews by those who have the unmitigated gall to call themselves “Christians”

    • Reyn

      Peer reviewed evidence of what you just said please – because I do not see it in real life.

    • Nikky

      You do understand that millennial are “adults under 40”, yes? Because you have to realize how ridiculous that sounds. I know zero friends living rent free with mommy and daddy. I’m 30 and haven’t lived at home since I was 19, I’m a millennial. I wake up every Sunday at 8:30 so my son can go to Sunday school with his grandma, but I don’t go myself because I am angry and resentful at the way some people have twisted G-d for themselves, and I don’t feel the need to look for him in a church anymore. I don’t expect to find him there.


      Reese, you are really far behind the times when it comes to how America has change in the last 38 years when our top business leaders decided not to pay taxes, send jobs overseas, bust up unions, import illegal and legal workers to replace American workers, suppress wages, and yet, demand that they have access to government services.

      Many millennials are dropping out of church because they discover that going to church, saying your prayers, eating fish on Friday, etc., doesn’t pay the bills, doesn’t put food on the table, doesn’t put clothes on your back, doesn’t help you out when you need medical/dental help, etc. They are also realizing how capitalism screw their parents and grandparents for the last 38 years and screwing them as well. They are no longer going to put up with wealth/business people who praise the Lord on Sunday, but screw their neighbors in the back come Monday.

      You want to talk about people showing up for work. What about our congressional leaders who do far less work than the rest of us, have less work days than us, and get to have more time off than the rest of us while making nearly $150,000 dollars per years not to mention, they become millionaires by the time they leave office?

      • Ivan T. Errible

        Most people, especially the young, don’t go to church for one reason: it’s boring. Really, really boring.

        • DDRLSGC

          Well, I agreed that it is boring.

        • Mr. James Parson

          I went to Catholic Church when I was you. You need a stronger word than to describe it.

    • Reese

      Excuse me. Truth is so easy to find via google: I found this below among many:
      “Millennials Living With Parents at Record Rates | Time
      And for today’s millennials, it means that more than a third of young women and almost half of young men will have to say a sad goodbye to that dream of the Rachel-and-Monica-loft from Friends. The Pew Research Center data shows that about 36% of women and 48% of men…”
      Back to me: We can debate exact %s and we can debate that a college education with absolutely useless degrees like anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, art and music are not areas that lead to mucho dinero for most. Degrees in math, science, business are better bets for earning enough to move out. P.S. Capitalism is the best! Socialism has failed everywhere. I never made it near the top of any company I worked for, but if you look at the picture, my retirement includes a pool and a motor-home. I love CAPITALISM!

      • Reese

        By the way, in the picture is my bar-b-q pit, my hammock and my pool. I call these my “Axis-of-HeVille”. Livin’ large thanks to Capitalism!

        • Truly the measure of a man is not his compassion, nor his intellect, but how much stuff he owns s.

          • Reese

            We who own more often share more. We who make more, thanks to our USA system, have more to share. Believe it or not, we are known to charities and our Christian conscience is very clear. We also love life in every way we can.

          • P. McCoy

            Yeah I get how “Christian Charity” works- spend 40 to 60 minutes being pummeled to ‘accept Jesus’ while you’re hungry ! That’s not biblical.
            That bit about “Women having different babies by different men ” is a dog whistle for anti Black racism; would you rather those Women had abortions?
            Bet you’re anti choice if so respect their pro life actions OR do you just want ARYAN babies?

          • Reese

            There is no, and should be no, “free” lunch or dinner. Work for it, or listen to a sermon for it, but nobody should expect the rest of us to work hard, save well, give generously to charity, but allow those who do nothing to just show up, eat and leave. With not even a tip.

          • P. McCoy

            Sorry to disappoint, but the Bible says the reverse; people are seeing right through you Christofascists – you’re top dog now, but hey the Nazis thought the very same thing, maybe you can join them in Russia or Antarctica.

          • Marketing folks like yourself make profit off other people’s hard work, not your own.

          • DDRLSGC

            Wrong Reese, companies like Walmart demand and get a free lunch and dinner where they get all the profits while the public subsidies their losses and have to take care of their workers.

            “…..but allow those who do nothing to just show up, eat and leave. With not even a tip.”

            You need to apply that statement to the Republican politicians in Congress who get a big paycheck, work very little, have very few work days, and get plenty of time off compare to the rest of us.

          • Reese

            Ah, we can agree that congress is over-paid and under-worked. Wonder why Obummer and his Dem House and Senate didn’t correct that when they had all the power? Hmmmmmmmm?

          • DDRLSGC

            First of all Reese, Obama did not have a good solid majority in Congress. Some of the Democrats switch to the Republican Party, others became blue dog Democrats, and the Republicans change the filibuster rules so anything that Obama had send to them would not get out of the House of Representative. In addition, there were some election congressional races that were so close that the Republicans sue in court to contest the election results which prevent the Democrat winners from taking office.

          • smrnda

            If your charity comes with strings attached, it’s not really charity.

          • How much did your pool cost?
            Did your christian conscience happen to determine how many mouths that money could help to feed before you decided that it was better to spend it on a status symbol than simply using the public pool?

            Quoth Jesus (Matthew 19:23): “Truly I tell you, it is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

          • Reese

            I have paid PLENTY through taxes, charity and special gifts at special times. Isn’t it rather socialist to imply that I should give until I have nothing special after all the years of hard work because others are not living as well? If so, then where will be the motivation for people like me to get up earlier, run harder, travel farther, produce more, in order to live better? Do you think people work extra hard just for fun? As is seen under socialism, if we are all promised the same, then we will produce at the same or lower level. That’s why it fails. Next week, we will cover “why are there so many hungry?”

          • “I have paid PLENTY through taxes, charity and special gifts at special times.”

          • Also, take it from me, an engineer and technician, who works to make the infastructure that supports your lifestyle: marketing and political types are parasites who take credit and profit from our work.

          • Reese

            Good. We end this banter with laughter…

            Does “engineer and technician” mean that you decide how to put the toppings on the pizza (engineering) and then put it in the oven (technician)? lol

          • No, it means I figure out technical details of electronic design and programming that makes products work, but if you were comparing me to a pizza chef- they produce delicious food that makes people happy.

            Marketing… doesn’t produce anything that makes people happy. It’s the reason why our public internet and television is so saturated with advertisements that do nothing but steal our attention and psychologically manipulate us.
            It’s vampiric, actually.

          • Reese

            It is entertaining, informative and covered by the First Amendment…

          • it takes a very sad man to consider the bulk of advertising as “entertaining” and “informative”.

          • but alas, it is unsurprising that you need to try and fool yourself into believing in your own utility…

          • DDRLSGC

            Not to mention, many of our CEOs don’t have the technical credentials and work experience in running STEM companies. All they have is business degrees, accounting degrees and as you stated, they know how to play office politics in order to climb to the top of the ladder.

          • honestly I prefer companies run by people who actually understand the intricacies of what their staff deal with rather than running off of blind heureustics.

          • DDRLSGC

            I agreed; however, American companies particularly manufacturing firms do not promote people from the rank and file, blue collar workers into the white collar, management ranks let along have the workers sit at the board meetings to solve the problems.

          • DDRLSGC

            Yeah, Reese, and the American worker has been busting his/her butt off for the last 38 years, and you don’t see his/her wages going through the roof compare to the CEOs wages; yet, we do have more people in poverty and going hungry.

          • Reese

            Excuse me. Food stamp demands have been going down. Employment is at record levels.

          • DDRLSGC

            Wrong, but employment will be going down and food stamps will be going up due to the fact that American companies will be sending the jobs overseas due to Trump’s tariffs, deregulating economy, and American companies will not be investing their overseas profits and the tax breaks into the economy.

          • smrnda

            I make pretty decent money, but I certainly don’t work as hard as people who make less than me. Being a highly educated, skilled worker is fairly pleasant. My work is interesting, it isn’t dangerous, and I’m not subjected to verbal abuse on the job, nor do I content with irregular hours or abrupt changes in scheduling.

            And how did I get here? My family was better educated than average, which enabled me to attend university at lower cost thanks to scholarships. The less affluent kids never had a chance to compete with someone like myself.

            The other problem is that people like myself are developing technologies that are taking entire jobs out of existence. The displaced workers are in no position to compete for the new, better jobs.

          • DDRLSGC

            No, people who own more do not share more. We gave tax breaks to the CEOs and they have stated that they will only use the money to enrich themselves and have no intention of investing in their companies and giving their workers better wages and have said so publicly. Google it yourself.

        • TS (unami)

          Looks like an old RV parked by someone else’s pool, tbh.

      • Al Cruise

        ” I love CAPITALISM!” That’s great and your honesty is appreciated. But why be on here? This site is for a place for people who love Jesus.

        • otrotierra

          Yep. And shockingly, Jesus declared that serving two masters is not possible. Gotta chose one.

        • gonna need water for that burn….

      • DDRLSGC

        Reese, even if Americans do have STEM and business degrees, American companies will not hired them and if they do hired them, they will not give them good wages let alone permanent, full-time jobs. Capitalism has failed in the USA, Africa, Asia, Central and South America. If Capitalism is so great, then why are half of Americans living near the poverty level? Why do 8 billionaires own nearly half the Earth wealth and half of the Earth’s population is living on anywhere from $2 to $10 per day? That tells me that Capitalism has failed big time.

        “”Anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, art and music are not areas that lead to mucho dinero for most.”

        No wonder why people like you don’t know what is going on in the world let alone know about the past because you don’t believe that these disciplines can teach you anything. Regarding making money off these disciplines, then people in these areas should be allow to form unions for better wages, free/affordable medical care plus getting some kind of minimum guaranteed income so they can stay in their disciplines so they can contribute to society. From what I heard, Norway give their artists some form of monetary subsidy so they can advance their arts and win worldwide awards for their art.

        • Reese

          A UNION of anthropologists, or philosophers, or bad, uninteresting artists? Seriously? You are just too funny! What if society is generally not interested in whatever it is that they offer? Free/affordable medical care and free money for anthropologists? Oh you stop it! My sides hurt!

          • DDRLSGC

            Yes, seriously. In Denmark, 87% of the population belong to a union and I bet you many of them are anthropologists, artists, and philosophers. They have free/affordable for anthropologists in Western and Northern Europe and their side is hurting from laughing at America’s lack of affordable healthcare.

          • Reese

            Denmark is also not called upon to be the guardian and piggy bank of the world. Didn’t the Nazis move in there, maybe without a shot and not much has changed? Or, was that Norway? Whatever. They do not have much of an illegal alien problem, except now for the arabs, because it is too cold, too expensive, too far away from the world’s po’ folks. Yes, they have social programs, but there’s no “chicken in every pot” even though the tourist info implies there’s a blond in every hot tub. You might want to google the ethnic breakdown… P.S. As a former elected county leader, I can tell you, we had affordable healthcare before Obummercare. Laws prevented our hospitals from turning sick poor people away.

          • DDRLSGC

            “Denmark is also not called upon to be the guardian and piggy bank of the world. Didn’t the Nazis move in there, maybe without a shot and not much has changed? ”

            And your point?

            Well, there is no longer a chicken in very pot in the USA for the last 38 years. What does ethnic breakdown have to do with the political,social, and economic problems in the USA? Lots of places in the USA are too cold and too expensive; however, Denmark doesn’t have a huge homeless problem compare to the USA.

            Wrong, Reese, affordable healthcare was not available when President Nixon allow the HMOs to dominate the health care field which has led to the death of 45,000 people each year due to lack of affordable healthcare. Many people even in the red states have stated that they like Obama care and resent their GOP leaders for not wanting to implement it or getting rid of it.

          • DDRLSGC

            Yeah Reese, guardian and piggy bank for Corporate America.

        • Reese

          Part of the reason we have so many poor is because we pay poor people to have children they cannot afford. Hang around a welfare office for a few hours and ask yourself, why do these women have so many children by several different fathers? I will admit, we have more concentration of wealth with millionaires than I would like to see, but if your visit all 3rd world countries and even most partly developed,over you will find that only 1 or 2% control over 90% of the wealth. Do some research on it and you will find places like Brazil, Chile, Peru (where I did much of my sales work) the very top controls almost everything. The Philippines, where I lived for 2 years, is exactly the same. Here, I never was the sharpest knife in the drawer, certainly not an honor student, but I worked hard, saved religiously, invested and I retired comfy. Capitalism works!

          • Apparently charity doesn’t actually mean helping the poor, but instead casting unfair stereotypes about the poor to fool oneself into a sense of moral superiority.

          • Reese

            The checks I cast all get cashed. And, then I get follow-up letters for more…

          • Small shavings to give the appearance of generosity from the man who boasts about his ill-gotten wealth to the poor. It’s sick.

          • DDRLSGC

            Reese, we don’t pay people enough in order for them to having kids, let alone buy products and services. Even Nick Hanauer said so himself:


            Wrong Reese, Capitalism doesn’t work when the bosses bankrupted the company where people are deprived of their pension or where corporate raiders come along and buy up even healthy companies and then sell off the assets and pocket the money. Capitalism doesn’t work when people are bombarded with getting a credit card instead of being given assistance by the Wall Street firms in investing in the stock market. Capitalism doesn’t work when companies send the jobs overseas and then complain about the American worker when the CEOs created the sad situation for the American worker.

            …”but if your visit all 3rd world countries and even most partly developed,over you will find that only 1 or 2% control over 90% of the wealth. Do some research on it and you will find places like Brazil, Chile, Peru (where I did much of my sales work) the very top controls almost everything. The Philippines,”

            If we had not interfere in those countries, then the ordinary people would have a better lifestyle; however, our American business people would not allow it.

          • Reese

            Wow. You really have the party line down pat! Did you go to Berkley or NYU, or come up with that yourself?

          • DDRLSGC

            Wrong, you are following the party line hook, line and sinker.

      • smrnda

        Okay, so I’m a person who is in a position to hire people in the tech industry. I’ve hired a number of people with degrees in psychology and sociology because they are good at dealing with data concerning human populations. In this day and age of targeted marketing and social media analytics, those are kind of important skills. You do realize that you can’t get a degree in either psychology or sociology without taking classes in statistics?

        my retirement includes a pool and a motor-home.

        I am so impressed by this vast wealth which no doubt provides immense security.

        The major breakdown among young people are those with degrees vs those without. There are no longer good jobs for people without college degrees or other specialized training.

        On top of that, we’ve had an affordable housing shortage because too much of the USA is covered by low-density single family units. That means that, over time, you will eventually run out of affordable space.

    • Lark62

      Wow. You don’t know many young people.

      But I’m sure that comments like that, dripping with contempt, will bring them running. Not

      • Reese

        I read – like the article I posted below from (NOT a conservative icon) and I listen to Rush… and, I watch Fox News which is fair and balanced. My thoughts are well founded. Anyway, what millennials do is a mystery to me… and to many of them…

        • DDRLSGC

          Fox News is not fair and balance as Al Franken pointed out in his book. Fox sue Franken and lost big time. Fox tried get access to the Canadian airwaves but they were denied because they did not meet the specific guidelines in the Canadian law regulating the airwaves. Needless to say, Fox sue to have the law declare unconstitutional; however, the Canadian court rule against them.

          • Reese

            Excuse me. Fox is #1 in non-broadcast TV news in the USA. Canada, a country with less people than Texas, is socialist, so no surprise at them not wanting Fox. So, we lose Canada and pick up all the red states. Not a bad trade, eh!?

          • DDRLSGC

            There is no excuse for you. If the TV and radio industry had not been deregulated, they would not been able to buy up so many radio and TV stations. Furthermore, Canada has better medical healthcare system than the USA and has not gone bankrupt because of. They also don’t tolerate networks spitting vile and smearing tactics which is why they did not allow Fox onto its airwaves.

            I will take Canada over the red states since the red states take too much federal money and hardly give any money to the federal treasury. Those red states are the worst when it comes to education, wages, labor laws, environmental laws, health and safety laws, etc. They have the highest rates of pregnancy, STD, a whole host of health care problems, etc. Not a bad trade. It was and is a very bad trade.

        • LastManOnEarth


          • Lark62

            It could be a Poe. (Poe’s Law: “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.” ) But I think he really does this Fox is “fair and balanced.”

          • LastManOnEarth

            Sad but true.

      • Guthrum

        Young persons (millenials if you wish) are looking for honesty and deeper, meaningful lives. They are attracted to the message of Jesus. Too many churches have moved away from teaching and preaching a personal relationship with Jesus. Young people are saying “don’t soften the message – make it clearer”.
        Young people want to be challenged. Too many churches have watered down their message and theology so much it has less impact than a new car ad. That is one reason that the main line denominations have lost millions of members.
        “A Christ without a cross and a cross without a Christ”

        • Ivan T. Errible

          Young people are a mixed bag; they’re looking for a lot of different things, many of them mutually incompatible. In this, they’re just like every generation before them and all generations to come.

    • HappinessPursuit

      Have you ever tried eating a Tide detergent pod?


    The Bible is also about the story of the war of extermination by the Israelites when they left Egypt to go back to their homeland and they wiped out everyone because they did not have enough troops to maintain their supply lines and to keep the conquered people under control. The Bible has stories of David and Saul engaging in civil war, engaging in wars with their neighbors, and killing their opponents in order to gain and maintain their power.

  • Reese
  • Lark62

    You can make christianity kinder, and that may slow the exodus.

    But you cannot make it true.

    Once one looks closely at the bible complete with genocide, talking donkeys, a semi-mythological man god and blood sacrifice, the only thing left is embarrassment for believing it in the first place. I’m a boomer not a millenial, and am,now an atheist.

    • Reese

      Good luck.

    • Theodore A. Jones

      Oh, you’re an atheist? Would have never guessed.

      • Lark62


    • HappinessPursuit

      Your opinions are noted. Thanks for sharing your beliefs with us!

    • Mr. James Parson

      Don’t forget the unicorns and giant fish.

  • Religion being merged with the state and the notion that if you want to be pro-Christian that you automatically have to support the President and everything that he does (and being anti-government makes you anti-Christian)… that’s a huge issue that’s not going away.

    What does it sound like to young people’s ears when they constantly hear somebody being elected and then the political proclaims: “I’m President because God exalted me to be President” or something of the sort?

  • swbarnes2

    Now we have a generation of educated young adults growing up multicultural worlds with comfortable gender fluidity. Of course, they are leaving the church. They see it as a nasty and ignorant place, a place of lies and sexual discrimination. I don’t blame them.

    But surely there are individual churches that have the welcoming ethos young people desire. Is there hard evidence that these churches do a better job of getting and keeping young people? Surely Christians are studying which churches are getting and keeping young people, to know what policies work…right?

    • Guthrum

      Many are leaving because a lot of churches have become lukewarm. Young people today want a spiritual experience. Modern psychology and warm fuzzy sermons will not attract them. They are saying “do not water down the message. Make it clearer”
      Large numbers don’t mean a thing. The churches must get back to preaching the Bible: the Gospel of repentance. Everyone needs to be asked if they were to die in the next minutes, where would they spend eternity?
      Jesus said that those who are born again would enter the kingdom of God: no other way. That is the message today’s church must take to the people.

    • Ivan T. Errible

      I stopped going to a (Mainline) church because it was boring and they kept lecturing me and asking me for money. Also I have many more interesting things to do on my few days off and so I don’t want to be bothered.

    • Mr. James Parson

      Barna Group does some of that.

  • Anna

    You know, some of us just leave because we don’t believe anymore, and staying to practice a religion in which we no longer believe makes us feel like hypocrites. It’s not just the corruption and the lack of care for others.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    Meh, i know let people be people. but theres a group of christians that see nothing wrong with mixing Christianity with Buddhism. It sounds great at first, then i met someone that believes this nonsense. His beliefs were conservative, and some of it wasnt about self improvement but promoting Jesus Christ. Thus i have concluded, christianity should not mix with other beliefs (even though there is no way to prevent such a thing) other than say, this is not for me, nor is it what I believe. I left the church and christianity because christians dont practice what they preach. An atheist told me you can be good without god, and hes right. You dont need Jesus to be a good person.

    • Mr. James Parson

      Yes, you can.

      And you save money and do whatever you want on Sunday or any other day

  • james warren

    The church still stands foursquare against abortion, despite what the Bible says in Numbers 5.
    Abortion is wrong, unless a Christian pastor or believer gets his mistress pregnant.

    Let’s face it. The dogmatic and theological exalted titles applied to Jesus decades after his death are no longer compelling or persuadable in our modern global culture.

    The church worships Christ instead of following Jesus.