The Link 8.1.09: Horrible Athlete Rappers, Good Christian Rappers, and Kindles

shaq1. From ESPN Page 2’s DJ Gallo, a hilarious rundown of some of the worst rap lyrics written by athletes.  Said one Shaquille O’Neal: “Forget Tony Danza, I’m the boss/When it comes to money, I’m like Dick Butkus”.  Huh? 

2. Meanwhile, at the Legacy conference being held at Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute, there’s some legit rapping going on (still going on tonight–check it out). 

I should know–I was there last night and heard Trip Lee, Flame, and Lecrae.  I also met Odd Thomas (who kindly gave me his cd, which is good, particularly “Father Figure Skating”) and talked a bit with Propaganda.  The conference was run by a local Christian rap collective that features Katalyst and Decipha–both talented and really good guys.  Check their stuff out.

3. While we’re on the rapping thing, a classic selection: Kobe Bryant and Tyra Banks perform “K.O.B.E.”  I am not making this up.  Yes, it is as strange you might think.  The part where Kobe raps in Italian and the crowd goes totally quiet is one of the more awkward (and hilarious) public moments I’ve seen.

4. 20 ways to waste your money by a Kiplinger’s writer.  Very helpful.  This will help families (and singles) with budgeting.  Also, here’s a list of “fabulous freebies” by Kiplinger’s.  Good stuff. 

5. My buddy Reid Monaghan, a careful thinker and gifted communicator, nicely handles the subject of cussing and speech from a biblical perspective.

6. You should really watch this.  It’s a riotous take on the “Super Bowl Shuffle” by some kind of foodstore made about two decades ago.  The old man who raps at around the one minute mark is outrageously funny.  People of the present who rap: think before you embarrass yourself on the mic.

7. Thinking about the Kindle?  This analysis of it by The New Yorker will make you think.

8. A fun take on the universal health care plan currently being debated by our national politicians.

–Whew.  That’s all for now.  Have fun with this, and remember–be careful where and when you rap.  Have a great weekend, all.

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  • I own a Kindle so I clicked through to the article. If nothing else, to consider buyer’s remorse.

    Bottom line: I think it is a good article. I do enjoy my Kindle for travel and for fiction. It is very nice to be able to take a stack of books in one compact device.

    I agree with the article’s analysis of the display.

  • I will never forget buying my first Shaq Diesel CD. Wow.

  • What a shocker that Kobe has a song titled “Kobe”.

  • Run by Propaganda is amazing. Praise God for hip hop as a medium for the proclamation of the gospel. more truth in 16 bars than some sermons I’ve heard.