Guard the Flock: David Jang & “Second Coming Christ” Theology

Christianity Today has just published a major piece on a mega-leader named David Jang, whose followers may claim that he is the “Second Coming Christ.”

Ted Olsen and Ken Smith have published this work of investigative journalism that I commend to you in order that you might know about a potentially dangerous theological movement that is associated with California’s Olivet University and Apostolos Campus Ministries.

Over the last five years, ministries and organizations founded by or connected to Jang have gained influence in American and global evangelical ministries, including the World Evangelical Alliance. Yet in the same period, a number of mainstream Christian organizations in Korea and China have severed relationships with his affiliated organizations after investigating such claims and finding them credible. Other groups have reconfirmed their ties after their investigations cleared him. Now, as Jang’s businesses and ministries have sought greater recognition and expansion in the United States, Christian leaders and ministries here are asking similar questions about Jang, his affiliated organizations, and their theology.

Read the whole (lengthy) piece.  Apparently, in the testimony of some, Jang’s followers may believe he is a kind of pre-Christ eschatological leader, “a new messianic figure that would complete Jesus’ earthly mission,” according to the story. [Update: here is an opposing view from the Christian Post, which is connected to organizations like the World Evangelical Alliance, which has some kind of connection to the aforementioned ministries.]

This is excellent reporting and writing, and it needs to be widely read.  However this all shakes out–and it’s not immediately clear how it will–Peter tells us that “false teachers” will arise, “and in their greed they will exploit you with false words” (2 Peter 2:3).  Guard yourself, and guard your flock, and stay close to Christ and faithful biblical teaching.  There is one messianic figure, and he is not here yet.

But we will all know when he is.

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