The Evangelical Adoption Movement Is Sinister

Or so indicates the PR for the about-to-be-released book by Kathryn Joyce entitled, subtly, The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking and the New Gospel of Adoption (PublicAffairs, 2013).

This is a book evangelicals who care about adoption should know about. Joyce just wrote a shocking piece for Mother Jones that followed the tragic tale of one family’s adoptive practices. I suggest you check out Jonathan Merritt’s rigorous response, which shows that Joyce has cherry-picked her anecdotes and cast evangelical adoptions in a sinister light.

If you can, read the book and answer it. Don’t sit on your hands. There are surely weaknesses of global adoption culture, and not every adoption story ends happily. But a great many do, and evangelical adoption interest is driven by a love for Christ and a love for his image, humanity, who desperately needs him.


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