Chipper Jones Drove a 4-Wheeler to Rescue His Buddy

Just saw this from ESPN. Pretty cool story in the midst of a scary time in Atlanta:

ATLANTA — Chipper Jones is retired from baseball, but that didn’t keep him from helping out a former Atlanta Braves teammate.

With thousands of motorists trapped on Atlanta’s frozen interstates by a deep freeze that had engulfed much of the Southeast, Jones hopped on his four-wheeler and aided Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman, who had tweeted earlier that he had been stuck for five-plus hours in gridlock because of snow.

Read the whole thing. My heart goes out to those who weren’t spirited away, too.

I’ll say this about Chipper. I was never a Braves fan; if you grow up in Maine, you are destined for lifelong Red Sox fandom. This, however, is pretty cool. I love this picture of manhood. Apparently, it is not dead.

Also, long live rednecks with 4-wheelers, including those who were All-Star members of baseball dynasties.

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