The Smallest UPS Driver in the World

It’s a bit odd to share a UPS ad on this content-driven, theology-and-cultural-engagement-heavy blog. But this one caught my eye on Twitter. It is one of the sweetest videos I’ve seen.

I don’t know what it is about little boys and trucks, but my little son is much like Carson. There is just about no event that is more exciting in a given day than the arrival of a truck. He loves UPS, too. (Does any company have a better image than UPS? How do they do it?) He relishes seeing men at work, and wants more than anything in the world to be a “worker man.” There’s something in a boy that is hard-wired to work.

Folks get discouraged about cultural trends in times like these. Once in a while a video like this comes along and reminds that you there are people out there who are good-hearted. Carson’s mom commented on Facebook and shared how much “Mr. Ernie” means to her little boy.

Here’s to Ernie and Carson.

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