DVD Release: Cars 2

“Cars 2” is out on DVD today.

Bottom Line: It’s preachy and silly and slow at times, but it’s from Pixar and even their worst is better than most of the rest.

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The Gist: When Lightning McQueen is challenged to a series of international races, it gives his down-home pal Mater chances to humiliate him in multiple languages. While McQueen works to prove the new eco-fuel Alinol is safe, British agents are hot on the trail of a shadowy group that may be sabotaging cars. Could there be a connection?

The Ups: Attention to detail and great characters, plus excellent humor make this movie entertaining as only Pixar can be.

The Downs: With a heavy-handed message about eco-fuels and evil gas companies, the movie may actually add to kids’ stress. Doesn’t anyone just laugh and enjoy fast cars anymore? The message takes the place of the heart that usually gives a Pixar movie its punch. This is definitely one of their poorer efforts.

Be Aware: Rated G, this film has no inappropriate content for children, but does feature some car deaths that may be upsetting to kids. It also is very preachy, which may irk adults.

The Verdict: Watch it. Have some laughs. Your kids will shrug off the preachiness as they watch the cars go zoom and crack wise.

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  • Laura Maxwell

    I’m sorry to hear the reviews aren’t better but I still think myson will love it!