Inside ‘GodlyWood:’ A Day on the Set of a ‘Christian’ Movie

The players of Mom’s Night Out Andrew Erwin “Our first goal is to tell a good story” Read More Alex Kendrick We want to present stories that would draw people to a relationship with the Lord. Read More Patricia Heaton I don’t think of movies as Christian or non-Christian. I don’t think God categorizes us like that. Read More Sean Astin My Christian faith takes a lot of time to unpack. Read More Sarah Drew So much beauty and truth... Read more

‘The Overnighters:’ Q&A with Director Jesse Moss

Guest post by Kenny Miles What if Christians truly lived out the commands of Jesus instead of just preaching them? With the resurgence of faith based movies, it is appropriate that a documentary about faith in action causing a stir in the real world is garnering attention. The Overnighters, features a main character, a pastor, living out his faith for his community with compassion. Yet, not all residents in his town act like Jesus welcoming the strangers. Pastor Jay Reinke... Read more

Gratitude for Five Years at Patheos – Moving On

Today marks the end of my job as Entertainment Editor at Patheos. I’m proud of the work that we’ve done to create an entertainment site that is expansive, inclusive, and open to the spiritual. I’m grateful to my writers who have done fantastic work exploring the world of cinema, TV, and music. I’m thrilled that they understand and explore faith and spiritual aspects of film in ways that are fresh, clear-eyed, and not knee-jerk. The world needs more of that.... Read more

Despite its Title, Stephen Hawking’s Biopic Earns an “Incomplete”

Eddie Redmayne, superb as Stephen Hawking Spoiler alert:  significant plot revelations about Stephen and Jane Hawking’s marriage ahead! And here I was, all geared up to adore The Theory of Everything. A biopic about one of our greatest living scientists, a noted freethinker who has transcended immense physical limitations and inspired millions? What’s not to love? Well, for starters, let’s accentuate the positives. Topping the list of good stuff has to be Eddie Redmayne’s breakout performance as Stephen Hawking.... Read more

Video: Watch the Trailer for ‘The Bible’ Sequel ‘AD’

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett shocked Hollywood with the blockbuster success of their Bible miniseries on the History channel. That achievement allows them to make more faith fare for TV and movies. Here is the new trailer for their follow up AD. While The Bible went though the Old and New Testaments, AD picks up with the book of Acts and goes through the first ten chapters. When I spoke with Roma and Mark, Mark said he hoped to keep going,... Read more

“Whiplash”: A Pulse-Quickening Musical Battle of Wills

Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons) providing motivation for Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) Writing about Whiplash, it’s hard to resist a trip to the film critic’s cabinet of clichéd accolades. For instance: “J.K. Simmons delivers a career-defining performance!” Or, “Storytelling so compelling and vibrant – you won’t be able to look away from the screen!” And maybe, “Astonishingly intense – take a beta blocker before you see it!” The first and second commendations are definitely true. The third one is... Read more

“Princess Kaguya”: A Treasure for its Visual Beauty, Despite its Flawed Story

A very little princess, held by the Bamboo Cutter For me, any new release from Japan’s Studio Ghibli is ample reason to rush to the cinema. This now-legendary studio is best known for anime gems by Hayao Miyazaki, treasures such as Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro. Studio co-founder and fellow director Isao Takahata may not be as famous as Miyazaki on this side of the Pacific, but has created at least one masterpiece of his... Read more

Clip: Tyler Perry’s ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned’ Play

We spend a lot of time at Patheos talking about faith based projects: the blockbuster kind like Exodus or The Bible, the subculture kind like Saving Christmas or God’s Not Dead. But there’s a huge player we hardly ever discuss: Tyler Perry. The stupendously successful director interweaves African-American stories and faith. He’s probably the most successful faith-based filmmaker working today. And he doesn’t pull his punches. Here’s a clip from his play coming out on DVD November 25: [playlist type="video"... Read more

“Rosewater”: the Horrible Buffoonery of Iranian Theocracy

Gael Garcia Bernal as journalist Maziar Bahari, in “Rosewater” Watching a film like Rosewater makes me grateful that we in the West have largely rid ourselves of the delusion that theocracy is a swell idea. I guess we’ve learned our lesson from the disasters of John Calvin’s Geneva and the Spanish Inquisition.  Unforgettable, too, is the irony of the United States’ first white settlers fleeing religious intolerance only to impose more of the same. Most of... Read more

Interview: Kirk Cameron Wants to Save Christmas from Christians

Kirk Cameron is many things: Actor, activist, spokesman of a certain brand of Evangelical thought, provocateur You can add one more to the list: Thoroughly charming.. When we speak by phone, he completely disarms me by sincerely complimenting an article I wrote. Not that I was armed, exactly. I laid down my weapons in the culture wars years ago. For many, this metaphor means no longer fighting the evils of Hollywood and speaking out against those who do. For me,... Read more

“Ilo Ilo”: A Singaporean Slice of Home and Work Life

Jiale (Koh Jia Ler) and Teresa (Angeli Bayani), in “Ilo Ilo” As the candy bar ad campaign from the ‘80’s so crucially reminded us, sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. When it comes to movies, sometimes a space adventure or police saga hits the spot. At other times, a domestic drama giving us a realistic look at the travails and transitions of an ordinary family is equally welcome. Ilo Ilo is a film... Read more