On set on a movie made by Evangelicals for Evangelicals Read more

The Overnighters is a movie that will invoke thought provoking conversation among both Christian and non-Christian audiences alike. Read more

We’ve built an entertainment site of which I am extremely proud. Read more

“The Theory of Everything” features a remarkable lead performance by Eddie Redmayne, but falls short stylistically and biographically. Read more

Watch the brand new trailer for ‘AD,’ the story of the Book of Acts. Read more

An almost unbearably intense drama about a music teacher and his drumming student? Yes, such a thing exists. Read more

The latest film from Ghibli, Japan’s masterful animation studio, astounds with its visuals while suffering from second-half sluggishness. Read more

Tyler Perry is probably the most successful faith-based filmmaker working today. Read more

Jon Stewart’s directorial debut tells the true-life story of an imprisoned, Iranian-born journalist, effectively showing a populace longing for freedom from theocracy. Read more

Why are Christians so joyless sometimes? It’s actually sad, it’s interesting how Christians will sort of pride themselves on saying hey don’t you know Christmas is a pagan holiday. Read more

Now available for home viewing, this award winner adeptly shows us a family facing rough economic times, through the eyes of both parents, their son, and their maid. Read more

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