Gratitude for Five Years at Patheos – Moving On

Gratitude for Five Years at Patheos – Moving On December 1, 2014

Today marks the end of my job as Entertainment Editor at Patheos.

I’m proud of the work that we’ve done to create an entertainment site that is expansive, inclusive, and open to the spiritual. I’m grateful to my writers who have done fantastic work exploring the world of cinema, TV, and music. I’m thrilled that they understand and explore faith and spiritual aspects of film in ways that are fresh, clear-eyed, and not knee-jerk.

The world needs more of that.

We built a site dedicated to excellence, in form and artistry as well as content. We look for the true, the good, and the beautiful, knowing those things will lead us home.

The writers of Patheos Entertainment will continue to do this good work – look for lots on Exodus and other Bible movies as well as the year’s most intriguing films.

I’m also grateful to Patheos for a chance to do what I love. I worked here, in one form or another, for five years. The people, behind the scenes and on your screen, are absolutely the best. And the goal of Patheos – real, meaningful, interfaith dialog – is one that I believe becomes more and more important as the world grows darker. If we can all just sit down at a metaphorical table and talk, seeing each other as valuable human beings, perhaps we’ll see fewer beheadings and invasions in our children’s generation.

Beyond that, I’m deeply grateful and humbled that anyone finds my writing to be worth reading. It’s an honor to write for you, even if the movie is “Zookeeper 2.”

I’ll be continuing the conversation as well, perhaps here or perhaps elsewhere. Look for me on Twitter @Rebecca_Cusey

Like Arnold, or Interstellar’s Cooper, I’ll be back.

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