DVD Release: Larry Crowne

Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks in "Larry Crowne."

Bottom Line: This Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts movie about a guy rolling up his sleeves and dealing with financial hardship through hard work should be just the thing for our times. So why is it so boring and strange?

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The Gist: When Larry (Hanks), a Navy veteran, is fired from his job at a box store, he enrolls in college, find ways to downsize his life, and befriends his unhappily married teacher (Roberts).

The Ups: Tom Hanks is always likeable. Always. It’s like a law of physics.

The Downs: A strange sort of whimsy permeates this movie, different from real life, but not different enough to be fantasy. Mundane fantasy, I guess. Also, nothing happens. It’s one of those character-driven, eventless movies. I can get that just talking to my neighbors and save the rental fee.

The Verdict: Skip it. America’s sweethearts didn’t deliver on this one.

Be Aware: Rated PG-13, the movie is pretty clean, but not really innocent, as Larry feels an increasing attraction to his married teacher.

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