Behind the Scenes in the Filming of real Navy SEALS in Act of Valor

I was lucky enough to talk with directors Scott Waugh and Mike “Mouse” McCoy, the makers of “Act of Valor,” releasing February 24.

The making of the movie is a cool story. Because soldiers came to know and trust the filmmakers, Waugh and McCoy were able to convince real Navy SEALS to star in the movie, using real techniques. The story follows a SEAL unit as they work to rescue a CIA agent and follow her clues about a threat to the United States.

To make the movie, the filmmakers worked around the deployment cycles of the SEALS, filming their real-life training exercises.

“You think you’re a real man, until you stand next to a SEAL,” Waugh told me, “And suddenly you’re an eight-year-old boy.”

Adding to poor Scott’s masculine crisis, he and McCoy filmed the SEALS in live fire situations. In other words, unlike most Hollywood sets, there were real bullets flying around. And not only bullets, but grenades, rocket launchers, drones, and sundry big boy toys.

Here’s a video on the making of the movie. Enjoy!


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