Why I am a Christian

I am a Christian because evil exists.

It exists within me and outside of me. It is the air I breathe and the air I exhale.

I am a Christian because I long for good, for beauty, for truth.

I breathe out evil and breathe in evil and still I know I was not created for evil.

I sit like a mutated frog in my bog, my swamp, my putrid sewer but look up and glimpse a star, and long for that star.

I am a Christian because I have discovered that I have no power within myself to help myself.

I came to the end of myself and found myself was not enough. I needed help from the outside. I needed help from something stonger than myself.

And when I called, Help answered.

The Star came, the Star rained down, the Star invaded the bog, breathing life where I only breathed evil.

I am a Christian because Beauty, Truth and Goodness are real things.

Because I was not created to sit in a putrid swamp but to enjoy a nuptial feast as a beloved bride.

Because my Bridegroom lives, I am a Christian.

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  • WEll done and well spoken. I am a Christian because there is no other answer.