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S*#! Perth People Say

Thanks to Mike Hopkin for this find. … [Read more...]

What’s In My Bag (AKA What Have I Been Doing) – January 2012

I could do a very, VERY long blog-post about everything I've been doing in January.But to be brutally frank, the contents of my bag (which I've just tipped out over the table, in order to find my phone) says it all - et voilà:Firstly, lower right corner - two books that I've been carrying around. The first is Graffiti and Street Art by Anna Waclawek, which I used as a source of inspiration during a gifted and talented Community of Inquiry session that I helped out with. The COI even had two … [Read more...]

The Genderbread Person

Thanks to Mike McRae for this find - link to the original post.Edit - Version 2.0. … [Read more...]