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Little Kitten – Romance And Sex Questions In An Airport

One day I'll have to video-blog again. I doubt it'll be this useful and this funny though: … [Read more...]

An Unconventional Global Atheist Convention Round-Up – Wednesday To Thursday #AtheistCon

New Token Skeptic Podcast out tomorrow morning - Episode #115 - On Myths And Makeup - Pseudoscience And Cosmetics! I'll have a link to a partial transcript of the show, some time in the future.Firstly, my apologies for this being a little late with the first half of an overview, but there was so much to write and I ended up thinking that photographs and links might give a better idea of my experiences over this rather long weekend.There's plenty of other blogs that have done comprehensive … [Read more...]

The Power Of X

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Digital Futures – Media140 Conferences In Perth – Coming Soon!

There's three technology and internet conferences happening in a row in Perth - two are free for everyone to attend! You'll be able to see the content featured at - but first, here's the days that are up for grabs:26th April -  DIGITAL BUSINESS - Agenda - What are the key challenges facing business in the digital age? DigitalBusiness will showcase the latest thinking in social media, social mobile and social commerce to help you develop more effective digital str … [Read more...]

Little Boxes – By Walk Off The Earth

Thanks to Daniel Loxton for this find! … [Read more...]

The Melbourne Comedy Festival – Vote In The Bulmers People’s Choice Awards

Did you catch any comedy acts while you were at the Global Atheist Convention? Or maybe you saw some anyway because you're lucky enough to attend the 2012 season (despite not catching a glimpse of Daniel Dennett's choice of footwear and ponder if socks-and-sandals are just his way of subtly responding to the Converse canvas of hipster Melbourne atheists)?Then head over to to enter in the comedy acts that you enjoyed during this … [Read more...]

Brietling Jetman – The latest flight from Jetman Yves Rossy

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Little Kitten – Pillow Fight Day

Pillow Fight Day 2012 NYC from Herman Yung on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

The Global Atheist Convention On The Project

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Help Get Sir David Attenborough To Visit Western Australia!

A message from the ever-awesome Scientist Mags: There is a small but very real chance of getting Sir David Attenborough to visit Perth. I'm not kidding. Official letters of invitation have been sent from important people to Sir David's PR team. The only thing missing from the invite package is a show of public support for Sir David Attenborough from WA people. The organisers are worried about the possibility of failure. But hey, we live in WA. We're used to this ALL the time with international … [Read more...]

Some News Re: AVN

That's all. Get back to work, everyone! … [Read more...]