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Okay – This Cheered Me Up Somewhat – Obama And McKayla Maroney Are Not Impressed

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So – How Did You Act After Reading This Article About SkeptiCon?

I've written and deleted and written and deleted the following until I had to reach for the painkillers and a warm bath - and I'll settle for this.Upon reading this article, particularly these lines:  The Springfield Expo Center was packed Saturday. Volunteers have been working since Friday packaging meals for victims of Hurricane Sandy. "We work with all different groups, different churches, non-denominational, cross denominations, just everybody," says Karen Wood with Friends Against H … [Read more...]

Are You A Young Female Atheist Or Skeptic In Australia?

Breaking my silence for an important message about something that has been on my mind for a while...I was the MC for the Global Atheist Conventions and have attended or presented at a number of Australian and international atheist and skeptical conventions. I've been on the same stage as women like Leslie Cannold, Jane Caro, Catherine Deveny; supported the work of a number of young atheist women such as the vodcaster FearBlandness and the podcasters of the Young Australian Skeptics; students a … [Read more...]

Back Next Week – Until Then, Oatmeal On Creativity

He says a lot of things that I've seen others mention (in fact, you might like to check out the Storify collections of tweets I've done for the Mumsnet blogfest and the Solo12WIS - Spot On London Women In Science event, that has also discussed creativity and interaction online)......and in that vein, see you next week. Too much going on and still recovering.By the way, TEDxPerth tickets are selling WILD, just WILD for the first event they have coming up in December... might want to get onto … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Podcast Out! On The Morning Heresy With Paul Fidalgo

Quick update! Token Skeptic episode #144 now out! Paul Fidalgo is the communications director of the Center for Inquiry, and previously led communications for the Secular Coalition for America and FairVote: the Center for Voting and Democracy. He holds a master’s degree in political management from George Washington University, where his master’s thesis was on atheists in American politics. Paul is also an actor and musician whose work includes five years performing with the American Shakespeare … [Read more...]

Final Note – Donate To Donors Choose And Appearance On The Atheist Nomads

I nearly forgot... and I know this is unforgettable:Big thank you to all the people who donate to the podcast. Seriously, it's a huge boost and makes a difference to securing the show and I continue to be inspired and excited knowing that people like you are supportive. I'll be zipping an email out to you later today, but in the meantime, thanks very much for your help and I hope you enjoy the next one that should be out early next week. I'm still planning and brainstorming shows, so I hope … [Read more...]

Blog Break (And Bird)

My shoulder is all bandaged up and I have to take a computer break for a while until treatment is underway.I will write this last little event from today:Driving back, I saw two crows on the side of the road, appearing to pick at something both red and yellow. Then I realised, as I drove past, that it was a rainbow lorikeet.I could hear it screaming. It was spinning around and around on its back, lashing out with its claws as the crows aimed for its head.Rainbow lorikeets are sociable … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – World War Z – Official Trailer

Okay - the books? I know them well. Really well. And not just because the author is the son of Mel Brooks.This doesn't look like the books, right?[And where the hell is Colonel Christina Eliopolis? Aw man!!] … [Read more...]

Congratulations – A New Mermikides Composition

Breaking blog-silence to wish a happy birthday to the new little lady in the Mermikides family:Milton is the musician whose work I use repeatedly in the Token Skeptic podcast (particularly the outro music; he conducted what I consider to be the best interview on the show) - he and Bridget are a wonderful couple and two of the most talented people I know.A while back I promoted Bridget's album; you can buy it from bandcamp, at Bridget – Guitarrista.Excuse me while I go off to be rather bl … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – 2013 Perth Festival Highlights

Taking a break to recover from injury (nothing bad, just physiotherapy visit on the cards) - this looks like a good start to 2013: … [Read more...]

Transcript Of Token Skeptic Interview With Chris Stedman – Faitheist: On How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious

A new interview with Chris Stedman is now out on the Token Skeptic podcast - this one is Episode #143 - On How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious. It follows on from an earlier interview I did, conducted before I read his new book Faitheist, Episode One Hundred And Fourteen – On Faitheism – Interview With Chris StedmanFor those of you who aren't aware - I have a book of transcripts from the podcast interviews I've conducted (several years of work now, since starting on the Tank v … [Read more...]