Favoritism: God Hates It

The Bible says that God is not a “lifter of faces.” God doesn’t check your face first to see what color or gender or economic class you are, or to see if you are on a preconceived friends or enemies list. Read more

Hell: Hideous Threat, or Reality?

Hell: is it a hideous threat, unworthy of our enlightened age? Is hell merely a state of mind that exists only here on earth? Or is hell a sober future reality that we will want to avoid if at all possible, a place for which any notion of “hell on earth” is just a foretaste? If hell is only here on earth, then it is notoriously unfair, because too many undeserving people suffer it, and too many deserving characters escape… Read more

Reincarnation and the Bible: Are We Playing for Keeps?

Can reincarnation be compatible with the Christian Gospel? Hebrews 9:27 says no: “It is appointed for people once to die, and after this (comes) judgment.” But that’s only one verse. One verse from the Bible is not enough to prove either yes or no on such a question. What about the verse where Jesus says that John the Baptist was Elijah? Was John a reincarnation of Elijah? Or what about Jesus’ famous line, “You must be born again? Read more

Hobson’s Choice: How Do Christians Choose Political Leaders?

So whom should Christians support in our leadership choices? It’s a Hobson’s choice: a choice with no real choice, or no good choices. Read more

Controlled by the Calendar: Romans in Galatia

When Paul complains that the Galatians “observe days and months and seasons and years,” could he have been thinking of Roman superstitions about the calendar? An interesting idea to play with on the first day of the 2018 calendar! Obviously, the first thought we jump to when we read Galatians 4:10 is that the new Roman and Greek Christians in central Turkey have been persuaded that they need to observe all the Jewish holy days if they want to be… Read more

Brothers or Cousins of Jesus?

Are the “brothers” of Jesus in Mark 6:3 really his cousins, or his half-brothers? Can the word “brother” mean “cousin” in the Bible, and does the word “brother” mean “cousin” here in Mark’s description of Jesus’ nuclear family? Protestants and Jews read Matthew’s statement that Joseph and Mary had no sexual relations “until” (eōs) she gave birth to Jesus (Matthew 1:25) to strongly imply that they began a normal marital sex life after his birth. The fact that Mark names… Read more

Was December 25 Jesus’ Birthday After All?

Despite doubts leading many to dismiss December 25 as the date of Jesus’ birth, further debate now reopens the question whether maybe this was the right date after all. Read more

Born in Bethlehem: Fabrication or Fact?

Is the story of Jesus’ birth, as narrated by Matthew and Luke, a fabrication – a fairy tale with about as much truth as Santa Claus? Read more

No Room For the Inn

It was not an “inn” where there was no room for Jesus’ birth. The proof is in Mark 14:14 (Luke 22:11), where Jesus books the same kind of place to eat the Last Supper. Read more

Messiah’s Mother: Virgin or Young Woman?

‘Almah in Isaiah 7:14 – does this word mean “virgin” or merely “young woman”? Let me give you evidence for “virgin” far more extensive than the doubters will give you. Read more

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