The Immigrant in Hebrew Law

To what extent can we apply the Bible’s teachings on loving the immigrant to today’s illegal aliens? How comparable is the Hebrew ger (“immigrant, sojourner, resident alien”) to today’s immigrant? Who exactly are the gerim? The best book on this subject is Christiana van Houten’s The Alien in Israelite Law. The Israelites were “aliens” in Egypt, as were the Patriarchs in Canaan. In Moses’ law, the alien is a non-Israelite, as made clear by the roadkill law in Deuteronomy 14:21a:… Read more

God’s Economic System

Capitalism: is it God’s favorite economic system? Is it inherently evil? Or is it neither? What kind of economic plan does God endorse or prefer? Read more

Economic Equality: How Much Does God Care?

Does God really care how big your bank account is, compared to the so-called One Percent? Read more

Patriotism: Is It Biblical?

Obey the laws of the land? Yes, the Bible commands that. Patriotism? Where is that commanded? Read more

Jesus Recommends Gun Ownership?

Jesus gives us some shocking advice on weapons: “Let the one who has no sword sell their coat and buy one.” (Luke 22:36) What a word from God to throw into the renewed gun debate! Read more

Unemployment: It’s Not So Simple

“Around the eleventh hour he found others standing around, and he says to them, ‘Why have you been standing all day idle?’  They say to him, ‘Because no one hired us.’” (Matthew 20:6-7) Jesus gives us a scene where people are unemployed against their will, a scene all too common in our day, but hard to find in Scripture. Proverbs 22:29 gives us a hopeful declaration: “Do you see a person skillful in their work? They shall stand before royalty;… Read more

Health Care and Biblical Malpractice

The health care debate has twisted the Bible to the point of malpractice. Read more

Belial and Sons

What does “son of Belial” mean? Read more

God Bashes Fake News

Fake news was as much of a threat in the low-tech world of the Late Bronze Age as it is in our high-tech media world of today. Read more

Genetics and Early Genesis

A new fascinating study makes the connection between genetics and early Genesis. It finds Cro-Magnon and earlier forms of hominids in the Bible. It makes the connection between post-Ice-Age geology, rumors of Atlantis, and Noah’s flood. It even delves into epigenetics, the evidence that DNA can be rapidly impacted by adaptation to environment. The author proposes that speech may be what makes Adam’s race into a new creation that reflects the image of God, a change not traceable in DNA, but which can account for huge advances in human civilization. Read more

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