Today’s church is re-living the world of heresy of the second and third centuries AD. Today we look at how this was true for the Gnostics, and how we now find ourselves where no one is in a position to exercise effective church discipline over the mess of heresy that surrounds us. Read more

Today’s church is now re-living the second century AD, a period when the church was shot through with heresy so badly that it threatened to take over the church entirely. That period may give us clues to help us find our way forward in our present age. Read more

Pentecost is the perfect time to explore the use of the word spirit in the New Testament. What’s the difference between spirit and soul? Read more

Soul, or life? Such is the choice we must make in translating the New Testament word psychē, which we have borrowed into English as our term “psyche,” and from which we get our word “psychology.” Read more

The Iron Age Super Mom of Proverbs 31:10 is called a woman of “valor,” a word that can mean monetary value, physical or military might, and moral or personal worth. It is the quintessential value word, a fitting word to describe Iron Age Super Mom, and all who are like her today. Read more

Jesus’ ascension into heaven is a bizarre way to say goodbye: to rise straight up into the clouds, with no time for hugs or tears of regret! But what if Jesus had stayed here? Where do we put Someone who has risen from the dead and will never die again? Imagine if Jesus was still on the loose in his resurrected body! Read more

How many times have we heard that claim that “Jesus never spoke one word on homosexual behavior”? I would argue that yes, he did, in Mark 7:22-23, where Jesus names not only adultery and heterosexual sex outside of marriage, but also the sin of aselgeia. Read more

Polls cannot measure truth. In Matthew 16:13-20, Jesus takes a sample poll to see what public opinion is saying about him. Almost every answer he gets is wrong. Read more

As we saw in our last post, Mark gives us Jesus’ most remarkable case as an exorcist, a case involving not one, not seven, but hundreds of evil spirits. See where they go. And see what surprises happen next! Read more

Jesus shows himself to be the world’s all-time champion exorcist in the world’s worst recorded case of demon possession. If Jesus can set this man free, Jesus can set anybody free. Read more

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